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I've been with Log Cabin Fence for 30-35 years. We're in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We do a lot of agricultural and residential fencing, we do some commercial. Majority of the residential we do is a split-rail fence and in time with the weed whacking they do chip up the bottom of the post. Well with a coating like Fence Armor at the bottom of the posts would definitely keep the weed whacker from hitting the wood itself. We use a lot of Southern Yellow Pine and the Pine is a softer grade of wood because the treatment issues so it does chip easier with the weed whacker and when you put the Fence Armor on I like to keep about an inch and a half off the ground. The main reason being is as the post deteriorates it's gonna be right at ground level because that's where you get the most air and water concentrated, so if you leave it off the ground just about an inch and a half or so that's gonna let air get through there and get rid of all the moisture. Well the Fence Armor on the post generally a horse will crib where they can get to it if you have a board at the very top or electric at the top. if they can't get to top a post they'll go to the bottom of the post where the Fence Armor sure will help curb some of the cribbing because they can't chew through the metal.