Is Your Patio Hard on Bare Feet? Five Tips to Help

When the patio is hard on your bare feet, comes the time to take action. If you find yourself wincing every time you walk outside, you have a problem. A patio or deck should be for walking around in your bare feet, enjoying the feel of the wood on your soles. There are many patio maintenance tips, and some of them will help your bare feet too.

At Fence Armor® we believe in maintaining your deck, patio, and fence. Patio maintenance is vital to keep the wood free of moss, fungi, and mold. It can also keep the wood fresh for your little bare feet, making it nice for you to stroll around the patio on a summer evening. We put together a few patio maintenance tips to help those tired bare feet.

Included on our list of patio maintenance tips to help bare feet is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Give the patio a good sanding

What is worse than walking on the patio in your bare feet and getting a splinter? You want to enjoy the afternoon sitting in the sun, not spend it with tweezers looking for wood chips in your toes. The good news is that you can avoid all that trouble.

Giving the patio a good sanding once a year is top of the list of patio maintenance tips. Sanding the patio should be done using a power tool and not down on your hands and knees with sandpaper. If you can find a local crew to do the sanding, you will get a smooth landing every time.

Patio maintenance tips


Patio maintenance tips include staining and sealing

Do not leave the patio unprotected. When you have all the sanding done and the wood is back to its raw surface, comes the time for sealing. There is nothing worse for the patio or deck surface to be open to the rain and snow for the following year.

At Fence Armor® we stock Stain & Seal Experts sealant products. We know that they are of the highest quality for protecting the deck and patio. Their products soak deep into the wood giving lasting protection and keeping the patio safe for your bare feet.

expert tips for Patio maintenance

Keeping the patio clean helps with the maintenance

Give yourself a head start and keep the patio clean throughout the year. A regular cleaning schedule such as removing food and drink stains will keep the wood safe and protected. Many people get their landscaping maintenance crew to power wash the patio and keep the wood clean.

Food left on the patio or deck surface can encourage bacteria to grow and flourish on the wood. Rotting food bacteria can eat into the wood and cause it to split and splinter. When you walk in your bare feet and get a splinter in your heel, it could be because the deck was not kept clean.

Cleaning the patio for maintenance

Wood restoration products to help

The good news too is that Fence Armor® also stocks excellent wood restoration products for your patio. An old patio can be a welcoming place with many happy memories. If you can get out and do some simple wood restoration, you may be adding years of service to the patio.

A wood stripper will help get the wood back to its original surface. Easy to apply and to wash away, it will quickly get any patio clean of stains and dirt. The wood cleaner will prepare the wood for the following patio maintenance tips. Wood brightener restores the wood’s color before you the sealing.

Patio maintenance products from Fence armor

Photo courtesy of Stain & Seal Experts

Choose the right furniture for the patio

Often the patio furniture does more damage to the wood than all the work shoes, high heels, and boots combined. Cheap steel legs can cut, scrape and dig into the patio wood. Unprotected furniture legs will scrape away the protective layers and leave the wood ready for chipping and splintering.

When looking to buy the right furniture for the patio, take a look at the legs. Are the feet protected so as not to scrape the wood? Avoid steel tables and chairs as they do the most damage. If you already have your patio furniture, look at adding pads to the legs to keep the wood safe.

Patio Furniture to enhance appeal

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At Fence Armor® we know about fence protection and patio maintenance tips. Our years of experience have helped us find the best patio maintenance products to offer our clients. Ask our experts for help with your next project. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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