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The beautiful, landscaped garden is anyone’s dream. Every homeowner, Home Owner’s Association, landscape professional, and condo corporation wants to create an inviting oasis around the property. At Fence Armor® we know how important it is to help deliver that dream with excellent fence post protection.

A great deal of time, effort, and money are spent maintaining a yard as you want it. The beautiful landscape and well-kept fence add plenty of curb value. Maintenance includes mowing the lawn, cutting the hedges, and keeping the weeds under control. The big problem is when the fence posts, the mailbox posts, and the deck support posts suffer collateral damage from all the work. Cutting the grass and weeds back with a strimmer always leads to chipped or cracked posts from the strimmer cord. The brains at Fence Armor® decided to look at ways to increase the posts’ lifespan and enhance their appearance.

When they began looking at solutions, the team was amazed at what homeowners will use for fence post protection. Fence posts get wrapped in strips of foam, aluminum, or even homemade boxes. They saw the more drastic measures taken of spraying herbicide around posts; not environmentally friendly. These “solutions” all call for monthly maintenance, more money being spent, and additional work hours, not to mention the effect on the environment. The crucial question was if they made any difference? Not much was the answer.

Time for a disruptor in the market.

Fence Armor® Post Guards to the rescue

It took a bit of hard work and plenty of hours in the workshop for the Fence Armor® experts to develop a solution. Al Martins, Luis Ruivo and their team have over 50 years of engineering experience at hand, and they put it to work. As with many problems, the solution may be easy but getting there is often a long road.

The team developed Fence Armor® Post Guards  for protecting the base of the post from strimmer damage. The unit comprises two identical pieces which fit around the bottom of the post. You need to choose the correct size for your post and install them using the screws that match the post guard.

Fence Armor® Post Guards are made of American galvanized steel and are manufactured in North America. Galvanized steel does not rust, nor does it buckle, bend or snap under any weather conditions. 

The Post Guards are good for more than 20 years of service and offer top-quality fence post protection.

Not only for wood posts

Increasingly homeowners and Home Owner Associations are deciding to go with vinyl fencing on their properties. Modern vinyl is durable, does not buckle or fade under UV light, and is easy to maintain. What’s not to like about a vinyl fence?  One problem is that vinyl fence posts will also suffer from strimmer and weed whacker damage.

When installing a vinyl fence, do not forget the fence post protection. The good news here is that Fence Armor® Post Guards install perfectly on vinyl fence posts. They offer the same level of fence post protection and are guaranteed to last. 

You are installing the same Fence Armor® as that for a wood fence. You are one and done with the easy, screw, or click-lock applications, even on vinyl posts. Property owners can rest easy knowing that Fence Armor® is on guard and protecting the fence investment.

With Fence Armor®, every fence post can look as good as new. Imagine, only the one-minute installation and no more maintenance?

Vinyl fence protection

Easy to remove too

If you are staining and sealing a wood fence, you will need to cover all the posts. When cleaning a vinyl fence, you will want to get behind the Post Guards. More good news here is that you can easily remove the Fence Armor® Post Guards.

The Fence Armor® Post Guards are as easy to remove as they are to install. You can do the fence maintenance and attach them again when finished. We know of many clients who like to take their Post Guards with them when moving home. They love them so much that they take off the units and attach them to the fence at the new property.

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At Fence Armor®, we are proud to offer protection for fences of all shapes and sizes. From rural fences to wood and vinyl fences around the home, we have your fence post protection. Our experts can help you plan a project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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