Installing The Snap Lock Baluster System

One part is actually installing all these little base parts. What I've done is I've measured from the center at four and a half inches and mark the 2x4 on the bottom and also on the underside of the top 2 by 4 again. These have little gripping cones which you will run along the imaginary center line of the 2x4 and I just placed this so that I can see the line underneath through the screw hole and square, it's sort of centered right nicely on that top of that 2x4, tap it so that it grips, take my screw and we repeat the process. It's that simple and that's that. Once you've got all these bases in place, top and bottom, you are ready to come along with your balusters which just snap in like that. It's a really very cool system but before we do that we're going to take our decorative covers, slide them on, make sure that the male tongue is facing the female opening and that's it and it's rock-solid. There's no vibration, nothing, just it locks. It's like a like a friction lock and you'll actually hear it snap lock when you're done. So we'll go through there and show you how easy it is. You really have to experience this to get an appreciation for how fast you can do this whether your aa one-man contractor operation, whether you’re a weekend warrior do-it-yourselfer or whether you're my seven-year-old daughter who I used as a test subject when I developed this product. So that's a snap-on Lock System, we're we're pretty excited about it, I hope you are too and that's all you need to know about that.