Incredible Backyard Fence Trends to Look for in 2022

What are the backyard fence trends to look for in 2022? As the old year draws to a close, it is the question on everyone’s lips. Will there be a change from the fantastic styles and quality of 2021? Maybe 2022 will bring a few left field trends and surprise us all.

At Fence Armor® we like to be ahead of the curve. We have always prided ourselves on our top-quality design projects and bringing the best to our customers. With this in mind, we looked into the future to see the backyard fence trends to look for in 2022. No one can accuse us of being stuck in the past, and we put our best team onto the research.

Some of the backyard fence trends to look for in 2022 include:

  • Long-lasting and low maintenance are fence trends
  • Recycled materials are on trend
  • Color is among the backyard fence trends for 2022
  • Lighting for the fence
  • Do not forget the fence protection

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Long-lasting and low maintenance are fence trends

We all know people who install a fence on their property without putting much thought into the project. They go down to a discount store on Friday evening, buy the cheapest fence on offer, and put it up on Saturday. A few short years later, though, the discount shoppers find all is not rosy in the garden.

Cheap and unprotected fences do not last very long. After a couple of harsh winters and hot summers, the wood or vinyl begins to deteriorate. Soon the backyard would look a lot better without the fence.

Long-lasting and low maintenance are backyard fence trends for 2022. Quality-made fences from the best North American lumber or vinyl are designed to last and give you many years of service. Top-quality materials are also low maintenance and give fence protection from day one.

Damaged vinyl

Recycled materials are on trend

The big trend is to go green and help the environment. It is not any different in the fence world, with recycled materials being used more and more in fence manufacture. If you can re-use or recycle old materials into a beautiful new fence, you save trees and reduce waste.

Recycled plastics find their way into fine new vinyl fences. A vinyl fence is low maintenance and is very durable, withstanding all kinds of weather. Wood composites from cut-offs and unwanted lumber also make top-quality wood fences for your property.

Beautiful vinyl fence

Color is among the backyard fence trends for 2022

There was a time when a fence was a fence and came in whatever color the fence agent had in stock. A trend in recent years and indeed a backyard fence trend for 2022 is color and plenty of it. Gone are the days of the white picket fence or the black vinyl fence; now, we are in an age of color.

Vinyl fences come in a variety of colors, from white to red to all the colors of the rainbow. Modern vinyl is UV resistant and does not fade or flake under any weather conditions. Your vinyl fence will look as good in 2042 as it does in 2022.

You can stain wood fences with a range of natural colors that highlight the grain’s quality. At Fence Armor® we stock Stain & Seal Experts products that always brighten up any backyard. The big bonus, of course, is that staining a wood fence also protects it from all kinds of weather effects.

Stained fence

Lighting for the fence

Another big backyard fence trend in 2022 is lighting for the fence. You can choose from solar or wired lighting options, and there are many designs on the market.

A well-lit fence shows off the beauty of the construction. The lights can also brighten up the backyard and make you want to use it more during the summer and fall nights. Lighting for the fence can turn your backyard into a magical place for the kids.

You will also get the extra benefit of adding security. The bad guys do not like brightly lit backyards and will give your place a miss when in the neighborhood.

Lighting on fences

Do not forget the fence protection

When you invest in a new fence, do not forget the fence protection. Without adequate fence protection, your fence rails and posts will soon go the way of cheap products and suffer rot, termite, and mildew damage.

Our range of Post Guards protect the fence posts from strimmer and mower damage. They can also stop animals from nibbling at wooden fence posts. Fence Armor® Postsaver Sleeves go on the fence posts at the ground line level before going in the dirt. The heat-sealed barrier stops moisture and termites from getting into the wood.

Always protect and maintain your fence.

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At Fence Armor® we love talking about fences. Our guide to the backyard fence trends of 2022 should help you when choosing a new fence. Ask our experts for advice. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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