Improve Your Rental Property ROI with a New Fence!

Looking to improve your rental property ROI? A new fence is one sure way to do it. Think about what you could do with a bit more income. Maybe a new car, improve the yard or go on that holiday you always promised the family?

A small investment in a new fence may make a lot of those ideas come true. Fence Armor® can help you with the project.

A fence is the first part of a property a visitor sees. If you are starting in the rental business or looking to push up the income from renters, then take a look around the yard. Prospective tenants want an excellent first impression. Give them one with a new fence.

Included on any list of how to improve your rental property ROI with a new fence is:

  • The curb appeal of a new fence
  • Renters like the security a fence gives
  • Young families will want your rental property
  • Improving the old fence may be an option

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The curb appeal of a new fence

A new fence looks good.

It gives the impression that the home behind it is well kept and a nice place to live. When people drive down the street and see a shiny new fence, they know they’re getting a well-maintained rental. Curb appeal at work.

Is there anything more American than a picket fence? You see them in great movies and read about them in our books. A picket fence means families and chatting to the neighbors. Picture that rental property with a shiny, new picket fence and how well it looks. Now take that picture away.

In which rental property would you like to live?

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Renters like the security a fence gives

A fence means security. A broken down, raggedy one does not feel or look secure. If you want to ask for a higher rental income for the property, your first job is to make the house a secure area.

A well-built privacy fence keeps those prying eyes off the property. In addition, it helps the renters in your house feel safe. They will know that their family can play out in the yard without being disturbed.

The new fence can give a rental property security. Fences are difficult to climb, damage, or get around. Even if your rental property is empty for a while, the fence will keep it safe. The curb appeal of the fence will make sure the property is not empty for long anyway.

A ROI for you in peace of mind alone.

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Young families will want your property

A young family may stay in your property for many years. Having them for a long time will save you from looking for new people every few months - saving you time, trouble, and money.

Young families like to feel safe in the home. They will want to let their kids play outside without fear of them wandering onto the street. If they have a dog or cat, they will not want it to stray. A new, secure fence will do all of this and more

When a family sees the security of that new fence, they will want your property. You will improve the rental property ROI by getting the rental price you want and the right people too.

Nothing wrong with that, is there?

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Improving the old fence may be an option

Maybe that old fence on your rental property needs a bit of tender loving care. You will be surprised by how great a fence can look with a little bit of improvement.

At Fence Amor® we stock Stain & Seal products for just these types of jobs. Every wood fence needs caring for, and regular sealing will add years of protection. In addition, a fresh coat of stain makes a fence shine, making it look like a new fence again.

Our Postsaver® sleeves protect the fence posts below the ground, where a lot of damage happens. They are easy to install and protect for many years. Post Guards protect the posts from trimmer and mower damage. Try dressing up the fence from our stock of finials and fence post caps.

A new fence needs maintenance and protection from day one. The rental property ROI on your fence will stay strong with our products.

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At Fence Armor® we know the benefits of a new fence. We see the ROI from installing one on a rental property. Our experts can help you plan the project. Do not forget the maintenance too. Call us today for all your fencing needs.

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