If It’s Not a Titan, Will It Really Hold Up? Fence Armor® & Titan Decking Products

Titan is one of those words which can only mean strength. Whenever you hear Titan, you think of some strong leader who will not let you down. It is certainly very true of Titan Decking Products, the best choice you can make for your garden.

Fence Armor® and Titan Decking Products are the perfect ones for your garden.

At Fence Armor® we know quality when we see it. Our team has designed and manufactured nothing but the best of fence protection products through the years. When we look for partners, we will only work with those who follow our standards. With this in mind, we were delighted when we found Titan Decking Products to add more to what we can offer clients.

Included on our list of the Fence Armor® and Titan Decking Products we can offer is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Fence Toppers are the perfect finish for a fence

Is the top of your fence a bit bare? Could it do with something a bit extra, but you are unsure what to put there? You do not want something to block the light during the summer nor a feature that ruins the look of the fence.

A Snap’n Lock Fence Topper may be just perfect. You install the Fence Topper on the fence, and it immediately adds class and style to the structure. Fence Toppers are easy to install, and you can finish a fence in only a few hours.

The style of the Fence Toppers will catch the eye of friends, family, and neighbors.

Titan Aluminum Balusters will not let you down

The balusters are made of bulletproof aluminum and will not rust, rot or buckle in any weather conditions. The UV coating protects against the heat of the sun. Your Titan Aluminum Balusters will look good at any time of the year for many, many years.

When you install a product outdoors, you want to know that you can rely on it to last through every season. The last thing you want is a rusty old installation of metal along the top of your fence after only a season or two. Titan Aluminum Balusters will not let you down. Each pack contains 20 balusters, all the fittings, and the contents should do four feet of fence.

Titan Aluminum Balusters

Titan Wood Post Anchor

If you plan to build a wood post system in your garden or yard, you will need a Titan Wood Post Anchor. It is a simple piece of kit, but it will do an invaluable job for you around the property.

Installing a fence on the deck? You will need the Titan Wood Post Anchor to do the work properly. How about a fence between the patio and the lawn? A Titan Wood Post Anchor will help you install it without any problems.

The Titan Wood Post Anchor allows installing a fence post on any surface. It works for guard rails, on stair rails, and it can even allow you to install posts on concrete surfaces. You may need the correct screws for concrete, as the ones in the pack are for wood only.

There is not any complicated carpentry or unnecessary drilling needed when using the Titan Wood Post Anchor kit. When you follow the included instructions, you will quickly discover what excellent Fence Armor® and Titan Decking Products you have bought.

Titan Wood Post Anchor Kit

Fence Armor® and Titan Decking Products guarantee class

We often hear of people buying cheap fence and deck products at a discount retailers, talking about how much money they have saved. What you will not hear is how they have to replace them a year later because the products are falling apart.

When you purchase Fence Armor® and Titan Decking Products, you get a quality product. They will not rot, rust, fade or buckle even after the hottest summer or coldest winter. The products are tough and guaranteed to last for many years.

They also look great in your yard or garden. Fence Armor® and Titan Decking Products guarantee class. You will be installing products that add plenty of curb value, which is always a good thing to do.

Titan Decking Products x Fence Armor

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At Fence Armor® we know about decking products. Our years of experience tell us you should only install quality products outdoors. Fence Armor® and Titan Decking Products will not let you down. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence and decking products.

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