How To Use The Extractor | Fence Armor

Hey guys Shawn King, Mr. Fence Tools. Here still on vacation believe it or not and still messing with the fence. No I told you guys last night my boys are doing some repairs, my dad's um four rail vinyl fence, he broke with the tractor, the post off. So we posted last night how this tool works, pulls these posts out of the ground to concrete and all it can be used to pull uh damaged posts that are broken from the ground and it can be used to pull brand new posts out of the ground and if you want to reuse them, if you want to move the fence and reuse it. The reason why is because this this contraption goes all the way in the post all the way down to the bottom of the post and therefore it's not going to create any damage to the post in the ground. If you use ratchet straps or bracket through the holes you need these posts here have about 160 pounds of concrete on each, so we put this fence in 14 years ago or so they were all dry bagged dry tamped but that concrete's rock solid and it's about 160 pounds so to get that out of the ground we've got this tool here. When it goes into post it's got a beveled edge and a sharp edge and as we pull up, it creates friction here and it locks and drags that point which rotates this which wedges this piece inside the post it wedges the post against the concrete and therefore generally pull the entire concrete, slug out occasionally, you'll pull the vinyl post out of the slug especially if you don't have the keyholes in the bottom of the post like we have here. We don't have any keyholes so it's a good chance to pull the post on the concrete but so far it's pulled the entire slug down so this works. I'm going to drop this down inside our post just like that, I use a fork truck, skid steer, hydraulic post puller um anything that has enough force to pull straight up. Go ahead and start this up, oh you guys have to take them out, um look at this camera all right. So you can tell that piece is locked in there right now, it's not going to come out the top. A couple options to get back out, one I can tap that with the tent board from the top, we'll pull the post over, pull our tool back out, use it on the next one.