How to Spend Less Time on Lawn Maintenance

Summer is coming but so is all that lawn maintenance. You want to enjoy that beautiful weather, but you will also want the lawn to look good. How can you get the best of both worlds?

Lawn maintenance is one of those necessary chores, but you don't want to spend your days at it. There are ways and means of getting a great lawn, which are also low maintenance. Why spend your precious time working on the lawn when you should be relaxing on it with the family?

At Fence Armor® we can help you spend less time on lawn maintenance.

Relax and let Fence Armor® help

Lawn maintenance often involves cutting in by the fence and trying not to damage fence posts. How many times do you have to stop and trim grass and weeds away from the posts? If you get it wrong, you can do lasting damage to the posts.

Prevention is always the best cure.

Installing Fence Armor® post protectors around your fence and mail posts saves you time and money. These galvanized, American-made, and of American-steel, protectors fit around posts of any size. They are easy to attach and built to last. When you are trimming back the weeds and grass, the posts are fully protected. The days of stopping and cutting back the growth by hand are gone. So are the days of chipping or slicing the base of the posts.

Before installing the post protectors, we recommend sealing or staining the wood. You should place fence post protectors at trimmer level, about an inch or an inch and a half above the ground. Why not take a look at our helpful videos for full instructions?

With the post protectors in place, you will get to spend more time enjoying the lawn. The posts will be safe and you will spend less time on lawn maintenance. Time to sit back and have some fun with friends and family.

Fence Armor on Wood Fence

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Installing a sprinkler system to reduce lawn maintenance

A great way to spend less time on lawn maintenance is to install a sprinkler system. The benefits of a sprinkler system are many, but the sprinkler will really help those on a tight time budget.

An automated sprinkler system takes away the stress of watering your lawn too much or too little. You can set it at specified times, and you don't even have to be home. The right system will save money on your monthly water bill.

A more targeted sprinkler system will get water directly to the yard parts that need it the most. When the grass grows fully, it means there is less chance of weeds sprouting or drought damage.

The sprinkler system is great for on-the-go families who don't have the time for lawn maintenance. You will still get that healthy-looking lawn without all that time-consuming watering with the garden hose.

Make sure to keep the sprinkler system far enough away from your fence. Constantly sprinkling the fence can slowly remove the stain or paint overtime. The long-term damage can be rot, mildew, and termite infestation.

Sprinker Photo

Reduce the size and cut down on lawn maintenance

Take a bit of time to do some landscaping in the backyard or garden. A good plan will help you spend less time on lawn maintenance.

Landscaping will create enough space for your mower to pass by obstructions easily. One long strip of lawn is quicker to cut than squares and circles of grass dotted around flower beds. You will not spend your time jumping off and moving the mower to another part of the yard.

Why not install a bit more fencing in the garden? A well-maintained fence can only add to your gardens' beauty and complement the lawn. What could be more American than a picket fence around the produce patch? Growing produce and fresh flowers are wonderful family activities - spend less time on lawn maintenance, spend it with the family instead. Remember to protect the fence with Fence Armor®  products.

Achieving a great-looking lawn can take some time but not too much. With the right landscape and maintenance plan, you will enjoy the benefits and plenty of relaxation time.


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At Fence Armor® we can help you spend less time on lawn maintenance. It need not take up all of your time. Summer is for you, the family, and friends to enjoy your hard work in the garden. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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