How To Protect the Post of your Fence w/ Mr Fence Tools | Fence Armor

On the inside we have some grooves cut out this will fit a 5x5 vinyl post, 4x4 vinyl post and also has a cutout for a 2x2 and a two and a half inch aluminum post or steel post. Let's talk about some tools. We need to stop building fences like granddad and start building fence like our kids will need to in the future. This is Mr. Fence Tools. Hey guys Shawn King Mr. Fence Tools, check this out. What is it? No it's not just a block of plastic, this is a really cool tool. This is to protect your post when you're using the Thumper, it's not very big, 25 pound beast kind of on top of a post. This is high density polyethylene uh it's pretty, very tough. This is used to protect the top of the post. The way it works is sit on top of the post then you're going to smack the top of this with the Thumper and what's unique about it is on the inside we have some grooves cut out. This will fit a 5x5 vinyl post, 4x4 vinyl posts, it also has a cutout for a 2x2 and a 2 and a half inch aluminum post or steel post if you use a wood post, we have and your rails are already up. We have a groove cut out so the top rail uh wood fence goes through the groove and the wood post sits up inside here so this will work well for a standard privacy wood fence with a 2z4 at the top or 2x6 at the top of the 4x4 so that's protected, so we can drive the post. Again this is used for the dry set method, if you're going to install the posts run your rails and then adjust your heights. You need this guy, this is, this guy is vitally important to that type of installation process. It's also a lot safer than using uh 2x4 on top with one guy holding the two by four and the other guy's holding a sledgehammer and things are bouncing out everywhere. They're trying to drive a post in the ground so this is a safe alternative, looks way more professional when the homeowners see you use it out there driving the post down. Let's go check it out and see how it's using the field. Modified it to now work with rail with a wood fence that's already railed that's what these grooves are cut for so it'll fit on top of a post that has a rails on it and now we can smack the top of that and not hurt our post. All right, down in Florida I did this about a month ago, we had a line look like this and we had one post I’m not kidding you it was 10 inches too high I mean I didn't say anything I left it on purpose because I was able to climb up here and drive that post down 10 inches with this and that depending on your soil conditions you can really move these posts out here. I can primarily post three to four or five inches no problem. All right if I have to move a lot I'll climb up on top of the fence. If I make a small adjustment that's why there's an angled handle, we want to hit that flat that's why this angle, this handle is angled. Okay but if I gotta go a long ways I can climb up on the fence, we'll be here if I have to drive it a long ways all right.