How to Prevent Ground-Line Rot with Postsaver Pro-Sleeves 20 Year Guarantee | Fence Armor

All right guys we're uh here at a customer site, we're going to put on some Postsaver which is quite important to prevent rot. Now they're those fencers who just don't get it and not bagging on fencers because obviously we're in the fencing business but you know this is a 6x6 post which is 5.5x5.x5. “Oh it's going to last you 20 years, it's going to last you 30 years.” How many people are going to put that in writing. That post from this manufacturer does not come with that warranty, so if you put on Postsaver you'll get a 20 year warranty in writing and you know that post isn't going to rot or fail, as it always does at the ground line. So just a heads up on that, you may be getting pushback sometimes from your fencer; ask them for a Postsaver. It's going to do the job it's going to protect, it's going to get a 20-year warranty and it's not that expensive and what's the difference between this post and the same post two years ago? Well this one is three times more expensive, so isn't it worth putting on a little extra protection to make sure it's not gonna rot um even if it's not in your time and your ownership in your home at least for peace of mind for your next owner of their home.