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Strategically Shield Your Privacy Fence from Harm with Fence Armor Demi


Protecting backyard privacy fences from costly weed whacker damage starts with properly installing resilient Fence Armor Demi guards at precise locations most vulnerable to impact.

Pinpoint the Prime Protection Placement

Positioning Demi guards at the center line of standard weed whacker heights best shields the bottom wooden rails from hazardous debris that can steadily degrade integrity over time.

Calculate Depth for Optimal Aesthetic Appeal

A shallow installation depth maintains the fence’s visibility while aptly defending rails from bumps and slices to preserve structural stability for lasting privacy.

Follow Precise Instructions for Durable, Long-Term Installations

To fully leverage the product’s durability, be sure to carefully adhere to all manufacturer guidelines during assembly. Proper installment ensures sturdy, lasting fortification.

Guard Your Investment Against Gradual Damage

Though invisible at first, tiny cuts and dents from yards tools accumulate stress that eventually necessitates very visible and expensive fence repairs or replacement down the road.


Positioning Fence Armor Demi guards at key impact points preserves fence function for the long run while maintaining backyard aesthetics. Protecting privacy and property investments starts with precise installations to defend against gradual wear.