How To Install Postsaver | Fence Armor

Hey guys we're here looking at a product called Postsaver and I'm here with the Log Cabin Fence people and we're gonna do a test on this product that speaks about protecting wood from termites and certainly for moisture damage in the ground and any moisture that would get to it. So basically it's a sleeve, I'm gonna flip this camera around, you know young associate here is gonna start working away. The idea is to measure in this case we're putting the posts, Bill how deep are the posts going? We're putting the post three foot deep so this is the three foot mark and then we measure 2 inches above the grade line so this will be the top of the sleeve right here, it's important you go to 3 foot for post depth, plus two more inches for the top of the sleeve. So then this is effectively the Postsaver product and they have a 20 year warranty. They’re saying on on the product on keeping the the posts alive which is which is great especially from termites and the sleeve looks like that you can see the green part looks like olive drab, sits above the line, the ground line and the rest sits on the post, beautiful. So let's I guess slide it on and see and I didn't actually have a size I just said number six so we're hoping we're using the right one. Here we're just gonna measure the moisture of the wood, ideally the wood will be less than twenty percent. Right now twenty point eight, okay well right on the edge so ideally there's less moisture required because they want the bitumen to be absorbed into the post as much as possible. Thank you okay so now the idea is is this torch is effectively is gonna shrink wrap the sleeve. With the post, roll hard buddy, there you go, good job yeah. Okay good great so that's the end of the applications state.