How To Install Fence Armor®

Fence Armor® gives fence post protection from trimmer and mower damage. When you see how easy it is to install Fence Armor® post guards, you will wonder why you waited so long to get it. Simplicity is the word when it comes to Fence Armor® post guards. The design, the installation, and how well they work, combine to make life easier for the homeowner or rancher.

At Fence Armor® we get a lot of questions every day. Clients ask about protecting fence posts and rails, and we always have at least one answer to the ready. When we tell people about Fence Armor® fence post protection, they love the idea. The question that usually follows is ‘How do you install Fence Armor?’ ‘Do I need a special tool?’ and ‘Does it take a lot of time?’ are usually two follow-up ones. To help you find out more about Fence Armor® fence post protection, we put together a little question and answer session.

Included in our piece on how to install Fence Armor® is:

  • What is Fence Armor® fence post protection?
  • How do you install Fence Armor® post guards?
  • Do you need special tools and training?
  • Can you easily remove Fence Armor® post guards?

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

What is Fence Armor® post protection?

Fence Armor® post guards are a simple to install fence post protection unit for your fence.

They consist of two, equal-shaped and sized pieces of steel, cut to fit any post size. The American-made and galvanized American steel is powder-treated. Fence Armor® post guards will not rust or deteriorate and give complete post protection.

Once in place, the post guards will protect the fence posts against trimmer and mower damage. The nicks, cuts, and chipping away of the posts will become a thing of the past.

How do you install Fence Armor® post guards?

A considerable benefit of Fence Armor® fence post protection is how easy it is to install.

With the fence post in the ground, you take the two pieces of steel and get down on your knees. Fit the two pieces around the foot of the post. Make sure they meet tightly and that there are not any gaps. Take the two stainless steel screws and slide them into the pre-drilled holes in the Fence Armor®. Using a power drill or standard screwdriver, drive the screws home.

The Fence Armor® post guard is now in place. Repeat along the line of your fence until it is fully protected.

We recommend you stain and seal the fence posts before you install Fence Armor® post guards.

Al installing Fence Armor

Do you need special tools and training?

No would be the quick answer here.

A power drill or standard screwdriver are the only tools you will need for the work. There is not any banging or twisting the Fence Armor® post guard into place. You will not need to measure or cut the fence post protection units.

Everything comes in the pack. All you need is the power drill and a small bit of time. On-site training comes when you install the first unit. When you see how easy it is, you will quickly move onto the next fence post.

Our research shows that the only problem people have is when they order the wrong size. If you are installing a new fence, then purchase the Fence Armor® at the same time. When installing it on an old fence, measure the posts accurately and give us the measurements. We will take of everything else.

Installing Fence Armor

Can you easily remove the Fence Armor® post guards?

The answer this time is a big yes.

As easy as the Fence Armor® post guards are to install, they are just as easy to remove. You get down on your hands and knees again and unscrew the post guard from the posts.

Why would you want to remove them, you might ask?

One reason would be when painting, staining, or sealing the fence. Another would be when replacing the posts after one breaks or when you get a new fence. Sometimes people like to take the Fence Armor® post guards with them when they move home.

Installing and removing Fence Armor® post guards could not be easier.

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