How to Choose the Best Deck Stain to Make Your Deck Last Longer

The best deck stain will make your deck last longer. You need to start on the right foot with maintenance on a new deck.  With an old deck, you will want a deck stain that protects and brings color back to the wood.

Choosing the best deck stain to make your deck last longer is not an easy job. Everywhere you look you will read advice on this stain or that product. They all promise to make your deck look great and to make it last longer. How do you know which is the best deck stain for your deck?

Fence Armor® did a bit of research, spoke with our experts and came up with a list of helpful pointers. Included on our list of the best deck stain to make your deck last longer is:

  • Is the best deck stain acrylic or oil-based?
  • The type of wood is important too
  • How about the added protection?
  • Stain & Seal Experts ticks all the boxes

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Is the best deck stain acrylic or oil-based?

The deck stain can be of acrylic or oil. Both bases have their benefits and also protect the deck in different ways. A quick look at the two base types may help you choose the best stain for your deck.

An acrylic stain uses water as a base. The stain is easy to apply but is not ideal in areas of high rainfall. Acrylic stain is easy to clean, just soap and water, which is a huge benefit, especially with kids around in the summer. It will dry in under three hours, so it is useful when in a hurry. The stain sits on the wood rather than penetrate the deck, which brings in the rain problem. Acrylic stains are becoming popular but are still quite expensive.

Oil-based stains have been around for a long time. They repel water and are ideal for the wet, damp climate areas. An oil-based stain penetrates deep in the wood and offers a high level of protection. Oil-based stains condition the wood to prevent warping and splitting. On the downside, they can take up to 48 hours to dry, and you will need a special solvent to clean the deck.

The type of wood is important too

Different types of wood require the best deck stain to make the deck last longer. When choosing a wood for your deck, ask the supply agent for advice on which one is right for your home. A good supply agent will know the district and should be able to help you choose a wood to last for many years.

Redwoods have a natural level of oils in the wood to give it lasting protection from moisture damage. You may still need to stain the deck from time to time, especially with an older deck. The right stain and seal mix will bring up the color of the wood and protect it from the elements. Cedar is a softwood like Redwood but has more natural protection against rot, mildew, and moisture damage.

Treated wood on the deck is the one that needs a lot of care. It is cheaper to buy than Cedar or Redwood, but it will need a coat of stain maybe once a year after installation. An oil-based stain that penetrates deep into the wood may be the best stain for you deck here.

Different types of wood

How about the added protection?

You may see a stain on sale at your local discount store. Often the price is very good, but you need to take a look behind the scenes. Added protection in the stain is a significant consideration.

A quality stain contains UV protection for the wood. The best deck stain will protect the wood from the damaging effects of the sun. Without UV protection, the deck wood may begin to crack or split in a few short years.

Quality stains will also contain a mildewcide. This extra will protect the wood mildew and other forms of rot that grow on the deck during the damp months of the year. The damage from this growth can be difficult to reverse once it gets a hold.

Always look for mildewcide and UV protection when choosing the best stain for your deck.

Staining a deck


Stain & Seal Experts products tick all boxes

At Fence Armor® we only stock the best products for our range of goods to supply to our customers. We know and trust in Stain & Seal Experts products to protect our decks, fences, and any outdoor wood features.

Stain & Seal Experts products are of the highest quality and are easy to apply. They are water, UV, and mildew resistant. All of their products are made to a professional grade in the United States.

Fence Armor® is happy to recommend Stain & Seal Experts products when you are looking for the best stain for your deck.

Stained Deck

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