How Post Collars Protect Farm Animals And Posts

You know the old problem. The farm animals like to sharpen and clean their teeth on the fence posts. They are chewing and rubbing there, having a great time but doing a lot of damage to the fence posts. A big problem for you is round fence post protection that does not harm the farm animals. Fence Armor® post collars do both; you will be glad to know.

At Fence Armor®, we get many calls from farmers and homeowners with the same problem. The cows and horses like a good old chew, while dogs, cats and wildlife like to spend time on the round fence posts. Cribbing does a lot of permanent damage and will cost the landowner money. Other companies offer a spray coating that may actually poison the animal.

When we tell them we have the perfect solution, callers are both surprised and glad. Our fence post collars products are attractive and offer lifelong protection.

Let’s take a closer look at how post collars protect farm animals and posts.

So what is a fence post collar?

A fence post collar is a simple innovation that does a big job.

Made of American galvanized steel, the collar will give round fence post protection in rural areas. Our post collars are made here in North America. They are easy to fit, and Fence Armor® post collars come in size of 3.00 inches to over 7.00 inches.  Each collar has pre-drilled holes for attaching it to the posts. You can watch our helpful videos on sizing and installation here.

You can fit a post collar around the top of a round post. For complete round fence post protection, you can attach collars around the foot of the post or even the top to prevent horse cribbing. Square posts can be protected using our Fence Armor® Post Guards. These are made to the same high quality and do an equally good job.

What happens without a fence post collar?

You know the problem. The horses, cows and wildlife will spend a lot of time chewing at the top of your fence post. Cribbing, as it is known, can do a lot of damage to a fence post.

The exposed wood left behind after a good chew is open to the elements. Wind, rain, snow, ice will do a lot of damage over the fall and winter. The moist wood will expand and contract, splitting the post and causing a lot of problems. With the protected outer layer gone, the summer sun will get to work on the wood, finishing off what the winter left behind.

There can be big problems for your livestock too. Horses and cows may eat the chips, which can cut their stomach lining and bring about infection. Farm animals can get colic and stomach ulcers from the wood, with severe consequences. All the wear and tear on the teeth can shorten the life of the animal too.

At the bottom of the fence, damage from mowers, trimmers and even animal hooves can have the same consequences. Fence Armor® Post Guards will keep the posts safe and offer excellent round fence post protection.

Damaged post

Install fence post protection and forget about your worries

Once you have our fence post collars in place, you can stop worrying about the farm animals and posts. The fence post protection should see you through for many years to come while protecting the herd and wildlife.

Of course, you should still do the annual maintenance. Always check posts are securely in the ground and that there are not any signs of rot and mildew. You will need to add a coating of stain and seal to the posts every few years. We stock and supply Stain & Seal Experts products which give a professional finish to the property.

A great extra with the Fence Armor® Post Guards and Post Collars is that you can easily remove them for maintenance. After you do the staining and sealing, you can put the fence post protection units on again.

With your posts protected, you will have one less worry around the property.


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At Fence Armor®, we know about round fence post protection. Our fence post collars protect both your animals and posts. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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