How HOA's Can Reduce Maintenance Costs

How HOA's Can Reduce Maintenance Costs

Apr 24 2018

Budget is a crucial factor in maintaining any HOA, as is keeping the property in tip-top shape. Lucky for them, there is a way to do both! Here are some ways to reduce maintenance costs without sacrificing looks.

Protecting Your Fence Posts:

A fence is a large investment and in order to get the most value and time out of the purchase, you need to protect it. This first money saving tip is for the best defence for your fence - Fence Armor. By using Fence Armor, you can ensure the protection of your fence for up to 20 years. This gives your fence a full life, while beautifying it. Not only does the HOA look fantastic, but saves untold amounts in replacement and maintenance costs.

Installing Beds:

The best place to plant flower beds is by the homes' foundation. When there is grass around those areas, like AC units, downspouts, etc, it is possible to damage the home, resulting in some expensive repairs. The cost can also add up due to the time spent having landscapers avoid the areas mentioned above. "Time is money" as they say, so planting beds that require minimal maintenance can be a huge cost saver.

Hiring Full Service:

A big cost-saver is going with a company that can take care of all your landscaping needs. Having a regular schedule keeps the property looking great and typically companies offer better rates when you do. Not to mention that landscape professionals have access to good quality plants and supplies at discounted rates, which could help you with the previous tip and come in handy when replacements are needed.

Irrigation Maintenance:

Water issues like leaks and broken or damaged irrigation lines can be very costly to an HOA. Here are some tips on how to save money on the water bill.

Replacing The Irrigation System: 

Although this can be an unwanted upfront cost, it will save money in the long run. By choosing to go with a modern, low-maintenance irrigation system, it can keep the property looking great while saving you money on the water bill.

System Checks:

1. Check your water pressure, ideally it should be between 40 and 65 PSI.

2. Survey your property for any broken or missing parts that could cause your system to leak and over-water some areas, causing damage to your root system. While repairing or replacing sprinkler parts, it is a good opportunity to make sure the heads are positioned properly for optimal flow.

3. Understanding the types of plants, grass & greenery you have and their exposure to sunlight will help you determine your water cycles.

 Fun tip of the day: hot-water line checks and repairs offer the most savings.

It is very important to keep on budget but not sacrifice on quality. We hope these money-saving tips can help you today and in the future.

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