How a Well-Protected Fence Can Help You Sell Your House Faster

Are you looking to sell your house? Maybe you are in a hurry to sell the old homestead because you want that perfect place down the road before someone else gets it? It is amazing how curb appeal and a few extra steps can help sell your house faster. A well-protected fence may just tip the scales in your favor.

How can a well-protected fence help sell your house faster, you are probably asking yourself? Doesn't everybody have a well-protected fence on their property? At Fence Armor®, we get lots of questions from clients looking to protect a fence and the benefits of doing it. When we tell them how it can add value to the home and help sell it, they are always interested. We put together a post on some of our answers and hope it will help you do the right thing for your fence.

Let’s take a closer look at how a well-protected fence can help you sell your house faster.

What is a well-protected fence?

There are many benefits to a well-protected fence.

You can protect against grass trimmer and weed wacker damage by installing our Post Guards. Our American-made fence post protection products are easy to install around the foot of the fence post. Made of powder-coated North American galvanized steel, they will not rust, buckle or deteriorate in the worst local weather. The steel protects against the trimmer cord cutting into the wood or vinyl fence post.

Our Postsaver® Sleeves fit easily around the fence post base before you bury it in the dirt. The heat-sealed sleeves form an airtight and watertight coat that offers fence post protection against mold and rot. With your Postsaver® sleeves in place, your fence posts will last a minimum of 20 years.

A well-protected fence is also stained and sealed on a regular basis. The annual coating will protect the wood against UV damage, wind, and rain effects and keep the termites out of the fresh wood. The fence will also look great, add value to the home, and catch the eye of your friends, family, and neighbors.

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What are the benefits of a well-protected fence?

You invest a lot of money in installing a quality fence on your property. If you inherited the fence from a previous owner, the chances are that you will need to care for it to add value to the home. The fence could be one of the reasons you stopped to look at the property in the first place. We know of many people who say the quality of the fence attracted them to the property.

A well-protected fence is easy to maintain. Less can go wrong with it, and your annual maintenance may be nothing more than a touch-up here and there. When you hire a landscaping business, you will know they cannot do much damage to the well-protected fence on the property.

There are many benefits of a well-protected fence, and when you start to write them down, they all make sense.

So how does a well-protected fence help sell your house faster?

The first answer here is curb value. When a buyer approaches your property, they will immediately see your well-protected fence. One of the first things they will think is, ‘Ah, these are people who take care of their property. I can trust them.’

They will also think that the fence is one less thing to worry about if they buy the property. You know the costs of building a new fence. A new home buyer will not want to add to what they need to do before moving into the house.

If you have a fine, well-maintained property surrounded by a shiny, well-protected fence, then it will add value to the home. Your home will stand out, and buyers will want it.

A well-protected fence adds curb value and helps sell your house faster.

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At Fence Armor®, we know all about how to keep a well-protected fence on your property. Our products help care for the fence and sell your house faster. Ask our experts for advice on all things fence protection and how to add value to the home. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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