Having Trouble Removing your Rails on a Vinyl Fence? Here's The Solution! | Fence Armor

What's up guys, Shawn King with Mr. Fence Tools. I have another really cool tool if you can believe it or not. If you build vinyl fence or better yet if you even tear out vinyl fence or have to remove a rail, these guys are life savers right here. We need to stop building fences like granddad and start building fence like our kids will need to in the future. This is Mr. Fence Tools. They're called the Removers because that's what they do they remove the rail from the post by inserting this between the rail and the routed hole in the post on both sides. We create this channel or for the notch on the rail hits this tool and then it will release that notch. What's really cool about these is that they have a radius on them so as you insert them into the hole you don't catch the corners and bend them all up. They last a little longer this way and then by having such a curve on here it makes a lot easier to get into. The hole rotates around this, one tool will actually work for for most sizes of rail, seven inch down to three and a half inch rail, this tool should get the job done. Those removable tools we had earlier, I'll show you guys how we use those, take this back out see in there I'm past it all right, other side. So we're past both notches see that.