Grow Your Professional Landscaping Business with the Right Fence Partnership

The professional landscaping business is a great one to be in right now. There are plenty of opportunities, and with the right attitude, you will grow your business.

How do you grow your professional landscaping business? Knowing how and when to do so is a big part of developing a professional landscaping business.

Differentiating yourself from the competition will give your business that extra edge.

On the other side of the fence, how do you choose the best landscaper for your property? There are many landscaping companies in the market but which one to choose? With the right advice, you can ignore the not-so-good ones. Now is an excellent time for homeowners looking for a professional landscaping business to work on their property.

At Fence Armor® we are here to help. We put together a post to advise homeowners how to spot the good from the bad operators. At the same time, we can help landscapers grow a business and match a homeowner's expectations. Our fence post protection products are a perfect match for the right company.

Let's take a closer look at growing a professional landscaping business with the right fence partnership.

Fence Armor® products and a professional landscaping business

Fence Armor® products provide perfect fence post protection for your wood and vinyl fencing.

Our Postsaver® Sleeves protect fence posts against rot, mold, and all the damaging effects of being in the dirt all year round. The Post Guards eliminate damage from grass trimmers and weed wackers. Our products are made in North America using the best of local engineering and know-how.

With Fence Armor®, you are not only are you offering a solution to fence post protection but you are building greater trust between you and your customer. As a homeowner, when you see our products being used by your landscaping company, you know you picked a quality business.

Quality products are a great way to differentiate between businesses. We know you are probably thinking, "of course, they are going to say to use their products." Well, not only do we support our products, but we have also seen the benefits go to the companies who partner with us. A great example is Davis Fences in Burlington, Ontario who have seen great success and growth in business since they have started using Fence Armor® fence post protection.

Creating a schedule benefits the business and customers

If you are just starting out, a schedule may not be that important. You probably have an easy time knowing exactly where you need to be when you only have a few clients. Homeowners will see that you will be around every couple of weeks to do the yard and life is easy.

What happens when you start to grow? You do want to grow the professional landscaping business, don't you? If you are developing a landscaping business, have a schedule in place sooner rather than later. You don't want to be missing appointments or showing up late - therefore disappointing customers.

As a homeowner, you want to be with a growing, quality business that does not forget your needs. If you are looking at a company, ask them how you will know they will not forget you? You don't want to be looking at long grass while the neighbors are enjoying a lovely lawn.

Organization is key to running a successful business. Many veteran professionals in the industry recommend investing in some version of a tracking system. The apps or software available allow you to enter all of your data and create a schedule for your business to follow. You will not miss appointments, and every homeowner will get their landscaping done, on schedule.


Hiring the right team

As we previously mentioned, the green industry is on the rise; therefore, help is needed. It can be very challenging to find the right fit for your team or employees who can endure the tough work. The right business always attracts hard-working, loyal people and retains them throughout the seasons.

One way to find great candidates is to ask for referrals from current employees. Doing this not only shows your appreciation for them but usually ends with finding strong and reliable candidates.

Something that aids the success of a professional landscape business is the image of the company. It is highly recommended that when you find the right workers, provide them with uniforms and show a quality face when working on homes.  A team that supports each other is a team that will lead you and your business to success.

Homeowners should take a close look at who is working for the landscaping company. You only want people you can trust on your property. Do not take chances with the wrong landscaping team.

Great team

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At Fence Armor® we work with partners across the professional landscaping business scene. We know how important it is to build trust and use the right fence protection products. Our experts can advise how to grow a business or choose the right one for your home. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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