Giving Thanks for Our Employees in the US and Canada

Here at Fence Armor, we have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and holiday season. Most of all, we are thankful for our dedicated employees across the US and Canada who make our success possible.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks and feasting. The traditional story of Thanksgiving recounts how the early American settlers, celebrated a successful harvest in 1621 with the Wampanoag tribe after a difficult first year in the New World. This harvest celebration is widely recognized as one of the first Thanksgivings. While its origins date back centuries, Thanksgiving gradually became an official national holiday in the U.S. in the late 1800s. 

Today, Thanksgiving continues to be a day for Americans and Canadians to gather with friends, family, and neighbors for a bountiful meal. More importantly, it is a time to reflect on one's blessings and express gratitude. The holiday reminds us of the hardships faced by early settlers and their Native American neighbors, and the partnership between them that allowed survival and prosperity. We keep this tradition of appreciation and humanity alive by reaching out to help each other and spending quality time with loved ones. The meaning of Thanksgiving goes far beyond the story of a feast - it lies in community, compassion, and finding light even in difficult times.

Our employees' hard work, passion, and commitment to excellence allow us to provide the outstanding products and service our customers rely on. We simply could not do what we do without their efforts day in and day out. They are the heart and soul of Fence Armor.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we want to express just how much we appreciate each and every one of our team members. To all our staff in the US, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this November 23th. We wish our Canadian employees an equally enjoyable Thanksgiving on October 10th.

Though the Thanksgiving holiday falls on different dates in the US and Canada, the spirit of giving thanks remains the same. We are grateful to all our staff for making Fence Armor a place of innovation, care for our customers, and collaborative teamwork.

This Thanksgiving, we hope our employees take time to relax and make special memories with loved ones. Know that you have our sincere gratitude not just during the holidays, but every day. Thank you for being a part of the Fence Armor family. We can’t wait to see what the coming year brings!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving filled with warmth, joy, and reflection on all we have to be thankful for.

Thank You Team!

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