Getting a Pet? Five Things to Do to The Backyard Before Bringing Fido Home

Are you thinking of getting a pet? First off, well done on bringing an animal into the home and letting the family enjoy the fun of a pet. The family will now have years of love and loyalty ahead of them. If getting a dog, you may need to do a few things to the backyard. Making the backyard fence for a pet safe is top of the list, but there are a few other things to do as well.

At Fence Armor® we know the fun of having a pet, and we also know how you want them to be safe in the backyard. A backyard fence for a pet needs to be solid and secure before Fido, or whatever his name will be, comes home. You do not want the dog or cat running away or being stolen when you are not home.

Included on our list of things to do to the backyard before you bring a pet home is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Install the right fence in the backyard

You will need a fence to keep your pet safe. If you do not have the right fence, any pet will escape and may never be seen again. Your pet will also be in danger from wildlife or even from someone looking to steal it. Installing the backyard fence for a pet should be priority number one.

A privacy fence will keep most pets safe. They will not be tempted to run off after a passing car or even follow the kids going to school. If you already have a rail fence, you will need to fit chicken wire to the structure to keep your pet from escaping. Pet-proofing your fence is essential.

Privacy Fence

Repair the backyard fence for a pet

Now is the time for doing some fence maintenance. You should repair the backyard fence for a pet to be safe when out of the house. Take a walk along the fence line and look for broken rails or loose posts. You can be sure that the cute puppy you bring home will find all the weak spots.

A secure backyard fence for a pet will keep them on the right side of it at all times. Make sure they cannot burrow under by building raised beds along the fence line. If installing a new backyard fence for a pet, see if you can bury the bottom rails in concrete to keep Fido from escaping.

Backyard fence for a pet

Grow some grass 

If you are getting a pet, they will need somewhere to sit and take in the sun. If you do not already have a lawn, make some space for one in the backyard. It is not fair for the pet to sit on concrete or gravel when they are relaxing.

The new lawn does not need to be a large area, just the right size for your pet to get some exercise. It will help if you put it close to the house to see the pet is safe at all times. Install the backyard fence for a pet around the new lawn area to keep the pet safe.

Choose backyard fence for a pet

Build a run to keep them exercised

Dogs need plenty of exercise every day, and this can be good for you too when you go for your daily walks. If you are not at home, the new arrival could have a run outside. A dog run in the backyard is a big help for any pet.

A run is easy to build, and you can construct it when installing the backyard fence for a pet before it arrives. Using the same fencing materials, make a space at least four feet wide and about ten or fifteen feet long. The dog will love running up and down and getting plenty of exercise when you are at work.

build backyard fence run

Fence Armor® Post Guards give fence post protection

When installing a fence in the backyard fence for a pet, always think about the future. You will need to maintain the fence, and fence post protection is vital. A new puppy will love sharpening their teeth on the fresh wood, and a kitten will sharpen its claws there. A rabbit will like a chew in the mornings.

Fence Armor® Post Guards give fence post protection. They are made from American stainless steel and will not rust, buckle, split or lose shape during their long years of service. The post guards fit around the foot of the post and give fence post protection against pets, trimmers, and lawnmowers.

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At Fence Armor® we love pets. We also know you need the right backyard fence for a pet if you want to keep it safe. Our experts can help you with a project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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