Florida Fence Company Installs Postsaver | Fence Armor

Hey this is Kip, owner of Paramount Fencing, I'm live in Longwood Florida. Hey we're in Florida and we're getting ready to do something, we're getting ready to build a wood fence. I want to show you something pretty cool and that's how to prevent your posts from rotting two inches above and six inches below grade so stand by because like the colonel always said if you have a need to stick something long in a hole wrap that rascal. A wood post is no different because there's this nice little zone 2 inches above and six inches below this is called the zone, in the zone the five factors that cause rot are present. Oxygen temperatures between 57 and 87, moisture content of 25%, access to fungal microbial, your landscapers blowing there anyways and wet/dry cycles. If you don't your post will simply just rot off so all you need is one of these and a little bit of that, can you feel the burn and a little of that. That's what it's all about