Five Signs It's Time to Replace Your Deck

When is the best time to replace the deck? It's a good question, and no doubt there is more than one answer. Your deck is like a family friend. It is always there for you and rarely lets you down. Unlike a good friend, there may come a time when you need to say goodbye to the deck.

At Fence Armor® we know a lot about identifying problems, especially when it comes to replacing the deck. Our clients often ask should they repair or replace the deck on their property? The bad news could be that the time for replacing the deck may be sooner rather than later. On the good side is that a new deck will last many a long summer and only adds value to your home.

Included on the list of signs it's time to replace the deck is:

  • Look for rotting deck posts in the ground
  • Are there signs of rot on the deck?
  • Replace the deck when it begins to shake
  • The wood is warped or split
  • Caring for the new deck

Let's take a closer look at each point on the list.

Look for rotting deck posts in the ground

When surveying your deck, it is vital to examine the posts. Where they go into the dirt is where you should be looking. Below ground you cannot see, but often the signs come creeping up the posts.

Take a look for rot or holes from termite damage. If you can stick a finger or a knife into the wood, then you are in trouble. Another telltale sign is a crack or split in the wood, and they will only get worse. Damage from the trimmer or mower can be irreversible. Those nicks can allow in moisture, wood-eating insects, and other dangers. Replacing the deck may be the only option.

Rotting deck posts are often the first signs that it's time to replace the deck.

Rotted post

Are there signs of rot on the deck?

Your deck is the site of a lot of fun during the summer and fall. It is where the family gathers and where you may enjoy a sundowner or two.

The deck should be a safe place for you and the family. If the rails are beginning to rot and fall away, then it may be time for replacing the deck. The deck is open to all types of weather. It is bound to suffer from problems over its long life.

Are the steps up safe? Are the boards free of rot and mildew?

If the deck is beginning to rot, you may need to replace it.

Rotten deck stairs

Replace the deck when it begins to shake

Take a walk around the deck. Does it feel more like you are at sea rather than safe in the backyard? It is not a good sign if you're getting a bit seasick out there.

The posts can begin to rot under the soil, where you cannot see it happening. Give the deck a push or two close-by the posts. If the deck moves a bit too much, then you may have deterioration in the posts. The rotting deck posts can get worse over the winter.

The structure may also become unsafe from wear and tear. Too much shaking is a sign it's time to replace the deck.

Replacing deck posts

The wood is warped or split

When wood gets old, it can warp or split easily. This can also happen if the deck has not been maintained well or constructed from low-quality wood.

Warped wood makes the deck uneven. It can be dangerous for the kids or elderly grandparents. Split wood will get worse and may break under someone, with nasty consequences. The weak timber and rotting deck posts are not a good combination.

Replacing the deck may be the only solution.

Warped deck

The deck is older than you

This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but often the deck is in place for many years. If you bought the property with the deck in place, there is a chance it could be very old.

An old deck is full of character and stories. It can be a wonderful place to spend a long evening with the family.

If age is becoming a problem, then the time to replace the deck could be someday soon.

Replacing deck board

Caring for the new deck

If you are replacing the deck, then take care of the new one.

Fence Armor® Postsaver Sleeves will protect the posts below the ground-line level where hidden problems occur. Our Post Guards take care of the posts where trimmers and mowers do a lot of damage. We stock Stain & Seal products to protect the wood from rain, UV rays, and the effects of bad weather.

Take care of your deck with Fence Armor® products.

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