Five Issues A Backyard Fence Can Solve

A backyard fence can solve many issues. Every day you will see on any neighborhood street a fence doing a good job. A fence in the backyard need not build barriers between neighbors but be a practical piece of construction solving many problems. On the other hand, you hear of neighbors not getting on very well when a backyard fence could be the perfect solution.

At Fence Armor® we know of many issues that a backyard fence can solve. If you are buying a new home, then look at the neighbor's property and see where there may be problems. A fence in the backyard, well-built and in the right place, may be the solution. Often, there may be an existing fence doing more harm than good, and you need to take some action here, as well.

Included on the list of issues a backyard fence can solve is:

Let's take a closer look at each point.

Privacy is always a big issue in urban areas

You probably know the problem already. The neighbor's house is just that bit too close to the property line and maybe that bit too tall for your liking. Every time your family goes into the backyard, you are being watched. A house backing onto a busy street will have similar problems.

A privacy fence will solve all these problems. Modern fence designs allow for some wonderful privacy fences, and they will not turn the backyard into a prison rec area. Getting the height and length right is crucial, but the backyard will feel like a great place to be when you have your privacy.

Backyard fence

High winds will damage a garden

Depending on the direction the backyard faces, you could have a very damaging prevailing wind blowing across the garden. High winds will damage the area and make the backyard not a very pleasant place to be. A backyard fence can solve the problem without taking away any light.

A fence in the backyard at just the right height, you will keep the high winds under control. The grass will get a chance to grow, and the trees and shrubs will thrive under the shelter. For the family, it will be a lot nicer around the pool when they don't need to hide from the prevailing wind.

Preventing winds with a backyard fence

Stop the kids from escaping with a backyard fence

If you have kids, and pets, escapees could be a big problem. You are constantly scared that the dog will run after a passing car or even chase the neighbor's cat up a tree. The kids could run out after a ball or escaping pet and onto a busy street. A backyard fence will make the area safe once more.

Many people use low-height privacy fences to stop the kids and the pets from escaping. The fence will block the balls and pets and stop the kids from thinking about running outside. Always build a gate into the backyard fence for access and emergency use. It is the law in every district.

A fence in the backyard

Staking out the property ownership lines

How many disputes do you know of that start with a dispute over the property lines? The neighbor plants trees on the wrong side or even starts to build an extension just that bit too close for comfort. A well-placed backyard fence built on the property line will make the boundary clear to everyone.

It does not have to be a big fence or one that cuts out the neighbors altogether. A boundary fence needs only be a picket fence to do its job. Always get full legal advice and that of an engineer before building a boundary fence. The last thing you want to do is start a border dispute with the neighbors.

A fence in the backyard

You can relax with the extra security

For any homeowner, security is paramount. Your backyard is usually to the rear of the property and not always visible from your home. An unprotected backyard is an open call to the bad guys to pay you a visit. Building a backyard fence will add to your home’s security and allow you to relax more.

Metal is ideal for the fence in the backyard. It is very secure, and fences are usually of aluminum or steel, with iron an expensive alternative. The metal fence is difficult to climb, cut down, or ram with a vehicle. Placing cameras and lights along the fence will make it an even more secure option.

Metal Backyard Fence

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