Five Inspiring Garden Fence Ideas

A few inspiring garden fence ideas can be invaluable. Think of when you are installing a new fence on the property. You do not want any old fence that will take away from the value of your property. No, you want an inspiring garden fence idea that will look great in the garden or backyard for years. The right fence will add curb value, make your home look perfect, and maybe even inspire the neighbors to lift their game too. It will surprise you how many inspiring garden fence ideas there are from which to choose, and you will find one to match your designs.

At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection and how to care for a fence. We always see the value of installing a new fence and how to maintain it as it should be kept. Our experts are always on the lookout for inspiring garden fence ideas and those that will go with your outdoor designs. The right fence need not be the most expensive but the fence that works perfectly when in place.

Included on our list of inspiring garden fence ideas is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The ornamental garden fence always looks great

Have you got an open property that needs extra security? Maybe you’re installing a new fence to keep the kids and the pets safe but don’t want to turn the garden into a prison yard? An ornamental garden fence is the perfect solution. It need not cost the earth to buy, but maintenance can be high.

There are many ornamental garden fence design ideas. Modern ornamental fences are usually manufactured from aluminum though steel and iron are still available. The security and style they offer are worth the money. You may find fences at a fraction of the cost by looking in salvage yards.

Ornamental garden fence - garden fence ideas

A simple privacy fence opens up possibilities

Often a property is overlooked by the neighbors or a local school or business premises. The lack of privacy is annoying, as can be the extra noise at busy times of the day. A privacy fence will solve many problems, and it need not be a looming structure. Another inspiring garden fence idea.

By installing a privacy fence on your property, you are opening up a blank canvas. You can design a whole garden, using the fence as a backdrop and for protection against the wind. Plants and hedges thrive by a privacy fence, and homeowners often install raised beds to grow produce for the kitchen.

Privacy fence - garden fence idea

Fence toppers and decorative finials for the fence

Many homeowners will know of this problem. You buy a fine property, just perfect for the family, but the previous owner has left you with a boring fence. The fence may be new, doing its job but not inspiring you to admire it. The costs of installing a new fence may be too high to consider right now.

All is not lost. There are many decorative and inspiring garden fence ideas to improve an existing fence. You can grow hedging around it to add color. Fence Armor® supplies fence toppers and decorative finials for that extra touch. Easy to install, these fence extras can make all the difference.

Inspiring garden fence decoartion ideas

A garden fence to hide an ugly wall

Did the previous homeowner leave you with a garden wall instead of a fence? You know the design, a blank wall that probably adds security but very little regarding style. It may be too much to knock the wall for you to install a new fence, but you can hide it with a few inspiring garden fence ideas.

A picket fence is easy to install straight onto a blank wall, and if you paint it a suitable green or white, it will improve the wall in one move. A benefit of picket fences is that they are excellent for growing vines and creepers. In a few years, you will have lots of color where you once had concrete.

Garden Fence - more garden fence ideas

Inspiring garden fence ideas from the neighbors

Beware of local planning laws and the guidelines of the Home Owners Association. If you install the wrong garden fence style, you may be in trouble. Before making any big decisions make a few phone calls to check your garden fence plans. Always be safe rather than sorry when installing a new fence.

Take a trip around the neighborhood. See what style of garden fences the neighbors have in their gardens and get a few inspiring garden fence ideas from them. You do not need to copy them; just follow style guidelines. A fence can be different and catch the eye without breaking any laws.

garden fence ideas from neighbors

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