Five Fence Designs for Keeping Wildlife Out

A good fence design is worth its weight in gold. If you want to keep the kids safe and the pets under control, then build the right fence. Living in rural or even some urban areas can mean wildlife is a bit of a problem. The good news is that there are fence designs for keeping wildlife out, and plenty of them.

At Fence Armor® we are experts on fence protection. Our products give fence post protection above and below the ground line, and we stock a range of accessories and other fence maintenance items. We also know that a good fence design should include adding the fence post protection from day one so your investment in the structure is safe and sound.

Included on our list of fence designs for keeping wildlife out includes:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

A ranch fence with a few extras

Knowing your enemy is always the best place to start with a good fence design. If you are new to the neighborhood, ask the neighbors about the local wildlife. When deer and other large mammals are the problem, a solid, well-built ranch fence is likely to be the best solution, and it will look great.

A ranch fence is an immediate barrier to the larger animals in the area. A two or even a four-bar fence design for keeping wildlife out will be worth every cent you invest in it. You can add extras like mesh wiring to keep the smaller animals out and fence caps to prevent any horses or deer nibbling.

Ranch fence

Bury a mesh fence deep in the ground

A common problem in any neighborhood is keeping rabbits, moles, and other pesky critters out of the produce patch. There is no better sight for them than rows of fresh salads and vegetables to eat for dinner. A mesh fence design is a must for keeping the wildlife out of the lettuce and the carrots.

Remember, the little critters can dig deep and bury underground to get at the produce patch. You should put the mesh at least twelve inches under the soil and anchor it in concrete if possible. Going down deep will stop most mammals from digging under the mesh fence and keep the greens safe.

Bury the fence

Tall fence designs for keeping wildlife out of the garden

Across North America deer are probably the biggest danger to most gardens. Deer can jump and, depending on the species, have been known to skip over six-foot-high fences. A good fence design depends on a few variables, but a tall fence design is essential for keeping the jumping wildlife out.

You can choose whichever material you think will work best in your garden. A tall metal fence will stop deer of any size from jumping or charging the fence. If you prefer the wood ranch fence, then go up at least five feet or higher if possible. Always check with local laws before building a tall fence.

Tall metal fence

A privacy fence can work well

Many of our clients are installing privacy fences in urban areas, as they solve many problems, not least keeping the neighbors out of your family having fun in the yard. Tall privacy fence designs for keeping wildlife out are very popular because if the deer can’t see your yard, they will just walk past.

You can build a privacy fence from wood or modern vinyl. A good fence design will keep it in line with the rest of your yard and not have it too domineering. Privacy fences are solid structures and will keep all types of wildlife on the right side of the property boundaries.

Privacy fence

Do not forget the fence protection

If you want to protect your fence investment, you need to step up the maintenance and fence post protection. There is nothing to gain from spending a lot of money on a fence design for keeping wildlife out but then leaving the fence to fend for itself over the next few years.

Fence post protection begins by adding Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves before you bury the posts in the ground. You should then add the Fence Armor® Post Guards to protect the posts above ground from nibbling, animal hoof kicking, and chipping from the grass trimmer during cutting season.

Postsaver Sleeves

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At Fence Armor® we know about fence protection and good fence design. We also know how essential it is to include protection in any fence designs for keeping wildlife out of your property. Our experts can help you with your next project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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