Five Benefits of Incorporating Ornamental Fencing into Your Yard

Ornamental fencing will only improve your yard. The decorative designs add a certain style to the garden that will catch the eye of friends, neighbors, and family. Ornamental fencing costs a little more than standard fencing materials, but the benefits are worth the investment. Once you see the fence in place and see the difference it makes to the yard you will know you made the right decision.

At Fence Armor® we know the benefits of ornamental fencing and the difference it makes to a yard. It takes a bit of caring for, but the benefits far outweigh any extra work. The extra security, style, and curb value make the investment very much a positive one. We get so many questions from clients about ornamental fencing that we put together a short post on its benefits.

Included on our list of the benefits of ornamental fencing in the yard is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Adding a touch of style to the yard

If your yard is missing a bit of style, then take a look at a few ornamental fence designs. The range is impressive and goes from classic fence styles to more modern ones, whichever matches your tastes. You will not be short of style ideas with ornamental fencing without breaking the bank too.

Think of what a classic ornamental fence design can do to your yard area. The beautiful spiked rails in long rows across the yard is a timeless style. Other people like the no-fuss style of the modern aluminum fence with a flat top design, which is popular in the yards of new builds in many districts.

Classic Ornamental Fence design

Think of all that extra security

Nothing adds security to your home and yard more than a well-built fence. When you install an ornamental fence design of steel, aluminum, or even wrought iron, you are bringing home security to another level. Keeping the family safe is your priority, and ornamental fencing does it all.

Aluminum and stainless steel do not rust and look as good after 20 years of service as on day one. A benefit of ornamental fencing is that you cannot cut through them easily nor ram them with a vehicle. Most ornamental fence designs are difficult to climb and are topped with decorative spikes.

Add Security Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fencing adds plenty of curb value

One obvious benefit of ornamental fencing is that it will add plenty of curb value to your home. Next time you drive around the neighborhood, take note of the yards that catch the eye. Nine out of ten times, it is the ornamental fence designs that make an impression - style adds curb value every time.

Curb value is a combination of many factors. Security is a big one, and ornamental fencing has plenty of that in every design. The impression of a well-cared-for home and yard is another one that adds curb value. When realtor sees a fence needs little investment, they will quickly tell their clients.

benefits of ornamental fencing - Enhance Curb Appeal

Less maintenance than you might think

Whenever we mention the benefits of ornamental fencing usually the first objection mentions maintenance. It may be true of an old iron fence, but maintenance is not a factor with modern materials - aluminum and stainless steel do not rust or stain and often only need annual cleaning.

One area which may need particular care is around the foot of the fence posts. The maintenance crew can nick the surface with a grass trimmer and do a lot of damage. Fence Armor® Post Guards can fit easily to each post and protect the surface. You can even take them with you when moving home.


Fence Armor Ornamental Fence

Keeping the view and the sunshine

If you want to increase the security around the yard but do not want to enclose it too much, then ornamental fencing is the solution. It is perfect for letting in the sunshine, but will not block that fine view from the deck you so love. Adding security need not turn the home into a prison yard.

You can build a tall ornamental fence that does not block out the sunset or that cooling breeze on a summer’s evening. One benefit of ornamental fencing is of rails close together for pet or kid proofing, but the fence can still leave plenty of sunshine into the yard.

another ornamental fence design - Sunshine Ornamental Fence

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At Fence Armor® we love ornamental fencing. The different designs and styles speak of good taste and security. Maintenance is a factor, but we have the products to protect every type of fence. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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