Fences and Flood Zones: Five Things You Need to Know

Fences and flood zones are not always a great mix. If your property can flood from time to time, you must know the problem. Maybe you’re a new landowner with a history of flooding on the land, and wondering what to do? Having a fence in a flood zone will give you plenty of extra work. What is important is taking the proper precautions and not wasting your hard-earned dollars every time the water level rises on the property.

At Fence Armor®, we know plenty about fences and flood zones. Personal experience tells us that looking after a fence in a flood zone is not easy but do not despair. By taking a few tips on board and building the right fence in the right place, you will not get into much trouble.

Things you need to know about fences and flood zones include:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Install the fence away from the water source

If your flooding problem is because the property is on or close to a river, then think long and hard before installing it. A fence too near the river’s edge will be very prone to damage even in the least bit of flooding. Building on the riverbank can damage the bank and cause even more flooding.

Try to install the fence as far away from the water source as possible. If you have higher ground, use it for the fence to give it more protection. Fences and flood zones do not mix, but you can give your fence a head start. Solid, high ground will anchor the fence in a flood zone during times of flooding.

Fences and flood zones

Use the best of fencing materials and crew

It may seem obvious, though many people forget it, but you should always build a fence with the best of materials. When building a fence in a flood zone, always use high-grade, pressure-treated wood or vinyl. Do not forget the Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves to give the wood extra protection.

Fences and flood zones need a skilled crew to get the installation done correctly. It is not a construction job for a Saturday morning crew, so find the best team out there. Along with the best of fencing materials and crew, always ensure you have all the permits and safety rules in place too.

Do not use sheep netting or mesh wiring

You might be tempted to put sheep netting or some type of mesh wiring along the foot of the fence. It can stop family pets from escaping or the kids’ toys rolling into the river. The problem with having it along the fence is that driftwood and debris will catch in the wire and push over the fence.

Keep the gap beneath the bottom rail and the ground clear for the free flow of the floodwater. A fence in a flood zone will come under a lot of pressure, maybe every winter, so do not add to the problem. Check the fence after every flood and clear away any debris that gathers around the posts.

Fence in a flood zone - no Mesh wiring

Getting fences and flood zones working together

The chances are when building a fence in a flood zone that you will get a flood, and there is not any getting away from it. What you do need to do is get the fence and the flood zones working together. Letting the water flow in and around the fence without putting pressure on the posts is vital.

Try to build your fence parallel to the source of the flooding. By doing this the water will flow along the fence posts, not against them, and will likely do less damage. It is recommended that if you have to build at an angle, never go above 45 degrees with the fence and always respect the river banks.

Fence in a flood zone

Bury the posts deep and closer together

As well as using the best of fencing materials and using a top crew always bury the posts as deep as possible. The deeper you go, the better the quality of soil you will hit and the better the hold the posts will take in the ground. Have more than one-third of the posts beneath the surface if possible.

Your fence will come under pressure but give it as much support as possible. By placing the posts closer together than normal, you will have a stronger structure. Support posts can add strength to the fence during flooding and help in times of high wind too.

Fence in a flood zone -best techniques

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At Fence Armor® we know plenty about fences and flood zones. If you need to build a fence in a flood zone, you need to follow a few steps. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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