Fence Supply Online Talks Postsaver | Fence Armor

Richard Fish with Fence Supply Online and Fence Armor, today we're talking about the new Postsaver product. This is a fabulous product for several reasons. I was in the install business for a very long time and I know post rot off at the ground where that water contact sits around your post where all of the mildew, mildew, mold, where your grass clippings sit and create rot right around the bottom of your post on the ground that's where it's gonna rot off. So there's a problem, we got a seal this, we’ve got to protect this from this constant barrage of debris, grass clippings, water or stagnant water all that can be protected with a Postsaver. Postsaver has bitumen. In different parts of the country you have different depths on your fence posts, you've got freeze lines, you've got to get sometimes, the the frost line is all the way down to 36 inches, 42 inches in some really cold climates and some places like Texas it never freezes so whatever your depth is you're normally gonna put your post at that white dotted line, it needs to be at ground level whether that's 24 inches, whether that's 32, 36 inches, whatever that needs to be, that is ground level. So you're two inches above it and we're just doing some demonstrations on this post that's why there's a second one here, you don't need to add a second bag to it you just need the one. You need this at ground level and and this two inches above ground level so if you're measuring at say 30 inches you would want and you're going to put your post 30 inches off ground, you mark it at 32 excetera. Now let's get fire going, let's put this Postsaver on the post. Start here, it's going to lightly brush, lightly brush, lightly brush, liquefying the oil, shrinking the shrink-wrap to it and you can do this at the shop before you go out into the field that's not a problem. It doesn't have to be done right before your bearing it. Working it out, working back and forth, getting the heat on there and liquefying, getting that plastic to push the oil you're actually pushing the oil into the wood hot oil still underneath there. If you got an air bubble it's no big deal as you see, even push some push some out of the bottom when I'm sealing it here gets on your roller, just use a cheapy throwaway roller and you're ready to go. 20 years, 20 years of life added to a post that normally wouldn't last 7 to 12.