Fence Protection 101: The Ultimate Guide Every Homeowner Should Know

A guide to fence protection. Is there any other phrase on a homeowner’s mind as much? They are thinking, have I got enough fence protection? Is the fence post protection good enough against the grass strimmer cord? Will my fence make it through the winter? How about that hot summer sun?

Okay, it may be a bit of an exaggeration to say a guide to fence protection is all a homeowner thinks about every day. At the same time, the subject is vital and should not be ignored. When we at Fence Armor® ask our clients about fence protection, we often get a shrug or even a blank look. Maybe it is time to put the record straight.

The ultimate guide to fence protection for every homeowner should include:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Post Guards for weed and grass trimmer damage

Take a look at a fence post that does not have fence post protection. If it is near a lawn or a well-kept garden, there is every chance that the maintenance crew has been busy. Busy mowing the grass but also trimming the weeds and grass around the fence posts with the weed wacker.

The weed wacker or grass trimmer cuts, chips, and scratches away the surface of the wood or vinyl fence post. Each time the cord rips into the posts, it takes away a bit of the outer protective layer. You will need fence post protection, and you’ll need it fast.

Fence Armor® Post Guards offer perfect fence protection against trimmer and weed wacker damage. Our Post Guards are made of American galvanized steel and are manufactured in North America. Each pack has two units to fit every fence size, which are very simple to attach to the fence. Once in place, they will give full fence post protection against weed wacker, strimmer, and animal damage.

Fence protection for the fence posts in the dirt

Another big problem for fence posts happens beneath the ground line, where you cannot see the trouble. An unprotected fence post in the dirt will come under attack from the frozen earth, termites, fungi, and all kinds of wood rot problems. The oxygen in the soil is the perfect accelerator for making the damage happen very quickly.

What you need here are Fence Armor® Postsaver Sleeves. Our easy to attach fence post protection sleeves slide onto the post before putting it into the ground. You melt the bituminous inner sleeve onto the wood post using a heat gun. Once in place, it will give over 20 years of fence protection against every type of damage.

Postsaver Rot Barrier Sleeves

Photo courtesy of Postsaver®

Stain and seal the fence for weather protection

Your fence is going to be outside in every type of weather. In the winter, it will get bashed by big storms, heavy rain, and cold winds, snow, and ice. The spring and summer can be just as bad with rain, wind, and that scorching sun during the summer months.

What you need here is a good stain and seal job for the wood fence. Every guide to fence protection project should include doing stain and seal as it protects the wood in all kinds of weather. You must ensure the stain and seal product contains UV protection and that it matches the climate for your district.

At Fence Armor®, we stock Stain & Seal Experts products as we know they are the best in the business. Their products go on quickly and give complete fence protection throughout the year. You can also stain the wood to a different color or use the stain to bring out the grain in the wood.

Stain & Seal Experts Fence Stain

Maintenance is vital

Every homeowner must have a fence maintenance schedule to follow each year. It does not have to be too complicated or detailed, but you must look after the fence to protect your investment in it. If you want fence protection to do its job fully, you must take the time out for maintenance.

Take a walk along the fence line at least once or twice a season. Check that every fence post is secure in the dirt and that there are no signs of damage or rot. Give the rails a good look over and check for termite damage close to the fence posts. Always take your toolbox with you and fix any damage on the spot.

You should clean the fence every year using a power washer if possible and cut back any dangerous branches or shrubs that may wear away at the surface.

Maintenance is key to keeping the fence looking fresh.

Fence Maintenance

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At Fence Armor® we know the guide to fence protection in detail. Our experts could write a book on fence maintenance. Ask them for help with your fence post protection project. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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