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I swear by Fence Armor, this stuff's amazing it does nothing but create longevity on your posts you don't have to worry about your trimmers you don't have to worry about pesky landscapers from commercial properties coming by and cutting your posts down without you even knowing. So so Andy what what made you want to find a solution for that? I wanted to be different I wanted to be above everybody else and when we build things we do it once and once only this product adds to that philosophy. Well with our customers, it has given us another great option to get them to protect the length of their fence that they are paying a lot of money for and it's just been an absolutely great product. How we came in touch with the product was the customer here we had already sold the fence itself so the customer comes to us and says well how can we protect our investment on this project but also they already had a mile of existing pvc fence here we'll take some pictures and show some video of some of the existing uh posts that are already here and it’s eight years old and uh half of the posts are already gone from weed whackers he has a company come in and I'm sure that they do the best that they can but over time no matter what the weed whacker is going to go through so I thought about the product that I had seen in the World Fence News which was Fence Armor which can save his existing product and help his investment on this project so that's what we're going to. Try to tap in and find a product that protected the post, customers were always asking can we do extra concrete can we do extra this, so let's just kill that and get to the problem and that's where I found Al at Fence Armor and it's been great ever since 99% of customers are going with it it's protecting from above ground and now below ground with the Postsaver. Well with a company like Fence Armor at the bottom of the post would definitely keep the weed whacker from hitting the wood itself. Hey guys Ian Robson here with Davis Fencing, we're using the Fence Armor today on our new fence post that we're putting in, installing, setting them three inches off the bottom of the ground for uh lawn maintenance and protection of the post and uh the same galvanized steel we use for our fence hangers so nothing rusts it's good for moisture and uh great product to use for sure on your fence and we trust it the best defense for your fence. Got these in today from Fence Armor, this is cool man I mean these guys are on top of it these are um galvanized steel caps that will fit about any wood posts you can dream of it's enough uh like a four by four you know there's oftentimes they're different three and five eights three and a half three and three eighths three and three quarters they even fit a vinyl post so these tops are interchangeable this is galvanized steel with this adjustable claw on the inside no screws stainless steel claw when you push that down on the post it locks on there so super simple slide on the post done deal you can have a point on it or none so here's the cap with no point on it you can order the finials to go on top so you have different options this video is kind of cool because you can put a flag in that like an American flag or something for the holidays you can slide those little little bitty wood wood stake flags in there and display them on top of your fence definitely pretty uh definitely awesome check them out Fence Armor.