Fence Professional Talks Universal 4x4 Post Cap | Fence Armor

Hey guys Andy Solk again from The One Stop Fence Shop here at Maple Ridge. Regular occurrence that happens on top of a post when we install cedar once we screw in a nail, cracking appears once cracking appears it gets bigger and bigger therefore falls off leaving the top of the post fully exposed. Having shopped around and struggling to find post caps with your fence that got installed out here on the West Coast because the posts are 4 1/8" by 4 1/8", well we've got the product here. The guys over at Fence Armor custom engineered these to fit on both sizes 3.5x3.x5 inch posts all the way up to the four and then eighth by four and eighth that we mainly have out here the system is great no screws the CAP CLAW™ you just bend the tips in slightly and push fit for a tight seal giving it a 100% protection from all the winter weathering that we have out here. Look at this no screws, great product. Check us out online for more information.