Fence Post Caps Give Fence Post Protection

When adding fence post protection, you need to think about the top of the post. We often hear from people with rotting fence posts who believed they had every angle covered. Unfortunately, people forget that the top of a fence post is exposed to rain, ice, the sun's UV rays, and even animals nibbling. Fence post caps are a quick and easy solution.

At Fence Armor®, we see the problem of fence post rot all the time. An unprotected fence post will soak up the winter rain or the sun's UV rays during the summer. Soon rot will take hold, or the wood will crack and split as it dries. Fence Armor® Cap Claw™ Fence Post Caps add a secure layer of fence post protection that adds life to your fence posts.

Included on our list of how fence post caps prevent fence post rot is:

Let's take a closer look at each point.

Without fence post caps the post is exposed

Take a moment to think about your wood fence posts. They stand in the yard or garden and keep the fence in place all year round. Every shower of hail, rain, sleet, or snow hits the post and lodges on top. The sun's UV rays do an excellent job drying and splitting the wood in the summer.

You immediately stop any damage when you fit post caps to your fence post. The moisture will flow off the specially designed caps and not soak or freeze into the wood. Even the sun cannot get at the wood, and you will have fence post protection where you need it the most.

Broken Post Cap

A secure fit brings excellent fence post protection

Fence Armor® Cap Claw™ Post Caps are designed to suit both the professional installer and the DIY homeowner. They are made from high-grade North American steel and are covered with our signature, premium powder coating. You are guaranteed years of fence post protection with these quality post caps.

As important as the quality, is the secure fit of the post caps to the wood. The unique interior Cap Claw™ ensures a snug fit to the fence post. Fence Armor® designed the Cap Claw™ to keep the fence post caps in place and keep moisture away. Superior fence post protection with every post cap.

Fence Armor Post Cap

Easy to fit on the fence post is a big advantage

Think of how long it could take you to fit inferior post caps on your property. All that drilling and screwing will take time and turn a Saturday morning job into a weekend chore. Not so with our fence post caps. With our in-house designed Cap Claw™ feature, you will fit each post cap in minutes.

The internal Cap Claw™ mechanism easily and securely holds the post cap in place. There is not any messing about with fasteners or measuring just the correct spot on the posts for drilling. All you will need is a screwdriver to tighten the single screw into place that holds the cap to the fence post.

Add decorative finials for extra curb appeal

You will have a perfect fence when you have added all the fence post protection to the posts. You can add to the perfection by choosing from one of our accent finials. They will catch the eye of visitors to the home and add an extra bit of curb appeal. People will know you care for the fence.

Choose from a range of designs to improve the look of the fence. Our accent finials include the beautiful Acorn design, which says strength and stability. The Post Caps accent finial Hops design looks very stylish. Of course, the Texas Star Lasso is a big seller with those from the Lone Star state.

Deck and Mailbox posts need protecting too

Do not forget the deck and mailbox posts when adding fence post protection. Any wooden post in the garden or yard will need protection from the elements. You can add our fence post caps to any wooden posts, and all you need to do is measure the posts before purchasing a box or two.

Many homes and gardens can look neglected when the fence, deck, or mailbox posts look tired. When the wood begins to split or rot, it is only a matter of time before the post breaks or falls over. Add fence post protection to the deck and mailbox posts to keep each safe and free from rot.

Fence Armor Post Cap & Finial on Mailbox

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At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection. Our fence post caps protect the post where it can be the most exposed. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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