Fence Build Customer Testimonial | Fence Armor

Hi my name is Karen and I just want to say I got this beautiful fence by Davis Fencing but once upon ordering it Brianna was telling me about the additives that would help me along with the longevity of the fence and we started from the bottom up and we went with the Postsaver Sleeves which will protect it from rotting out of the ground and they're nice little sleeves that go on the bottom of the post and they're heated on and then we moved on to when you use a weed whacker so we got these little Demi covers and they go around like little collars around the bottom of my fence and that prevents us from just chopping it up and then so that the rain that doesn't come through the top of my post we put the post caps on and then Brianna came to me and said that “Hey Al made this new product to make our caps a little decorative and nicer and give it a little jazzy up and they've came out with these new little finials there were six to choose from”. We chose this nice little one here because it reminded us of a little flower and it's attractive it looks nice it gives a whole different look to our fence and what's great about it is if we get tired of that one we can always change it to another one and then at the front of our gate we put this little guy on here he's an Acorn and he we can put a little flag in there but we're really happy with the product we now have to move on to the last stage because we just found out they've got a wonderful stain and our stain isn't holding very well so I guess we're going to have to get a hold of Al through Fence Armor and get our stain done on the rest of our decking so it's a great product I would encourage you to buy it and it just adds your, adds to your fence from the ground right up to the top.