Fence Armor Texas Star Finial Installation | Post Caps | Fence Armor

All right I got that off and uh I'm gonna go ahead and open up the seal here and bring out our new fancy post cap so there it is there's your CAP CLAW™ that just pulls off the bottom. I'm going to be careful because these are sharp I mean really sharp not enough to shave but certainly enough to cut yourself. So um you want to make sure that that's off of there and then basically what you're looking for is uh well I'll put it this way maybe, that doesn't matter it doesn't really matter. Get it so that's about in the center and then push it down and now that's on there nice and tight and you've got a beautiful looking post cap but we're gonna make it even better. On the top you'll notice we've got um a screw that's a machine screw and an extra if you have a dime or a nickel in your pocket it's really easy to unfasten and the idea behind that is you can just unscrew that cap that screw on the top of the cap and then you can use one of our Finials. So we've got six different finials today I'm going to put on the the Texas Star and these are all zinc, 100% American zinc they're really uh solid and you can you can feel the weight of course you can't see the weight but they're there. You'll notice there's a nut on the bottom before you can get rid of the nut that is there for you in case you have a pre-existing post cap and you wanted to drill it out with a quarter inch drill then you could use the nut obviously to fasten it onto the bottom so it's a quarter twenty here we'll put on the Texas Star and because it's already threaded that's why you don't need the nut so just turn it on and uh yeah get it in there nice. Put it in the direction you want to have it and now we've got a Texas Star on the top and of course you can you can pick any of the other Finials put it in whatever orientation you like. Here you'll see I've got, I don't have all six here but there's what we call Hops and there's a Fleur-de-Lis and a Ball Top Quad and we've got a Trident and a an Acorn and the Acorn is a special one I'll have to share with you a little later but that's how how quick it is to put in a cap and a finial.