Fence Armor® Tackles Big Project with Indy's Finest Fence

At Fence Armor®  we are always ready for a new adventure. Fence post protection is one of those industries where you never know who could call you next. Back in 2018, we got a call that was right up our street, and we jumped straight into the action. Fence Armor® Post Guards were needed in Indianapolis, and as a bit of a 'back to the future' moment, we are telling that story today.

Danny Hockett is the owner/general manager of the Indianapolis Car Exchange, an independently-owned wholesale re-marketing auction business. He reached out to Indy's Finest Fence to undertake a project for him. Danny wanted to add three miles of additional fence line to the already existing mile on the property. The business was done, and soon Danny had the finest fence he could wish for on his property.

Once the fence was in place, Danny knew the next step was to protect the new and existing posts. If you do not invest in fence post protection, your fence may not stand tall and strong for more than a few years.  Luckily for Danny, Rocky Morton from Indy's Finest Fence had recently seen an ad for Fence Armor®, the best defense service for your fence. Rocky gave us a call.

We were very excited when Rocky and his team reached out to us and were lucky enough to fly up to Indianapolis and join them throughout the process. Thank you to Danny, Rocky, and the crew from Indy's Finest Fence for choosing Fence Armor® to protect Indianapolis Car Exchange's fence posts.

Let's take a look at our time in Indianapolis.

So, what was the problem?

When Danny Hockett called in Rocky Morton, he needed both a new structure and fence post protection too. Unfortunately, while Indianapolis Car Exchange was adding a new fence, the existing mile of vinyl fence was in a bit of a pickle.

The maintenance crew who kept his property tidy had done a great job keeping the weeds around the fence posts under control. Danny's problem was that the weed trimmers had done a job on the fence posts too. Some posts were beyond repair, some were salvageable, but all the fence posts needed protection.

Rocky Morton's recommendation was for Fence Armor® Post Guards to go on all the fence posts.

What are Fence Armor® Post Guards?

To put it simply, Fence Armor® Post Guards offer an invaluable level of fence post protection. When you have them in place, they will protect your fence posts exactly where they need it.

Post Guards are American-made, American galvanized steel protectors which fit around the feet of your fence posts. They are easy to attach, the rust-proof screws come in the pack, and you will need just a power screwdriver for the work. Fence Armor® Post Guards are rust-proof and do not deteriorate in the open air.

Weed and grass trimmers cannot do damage to the Fence Armor® Post Guards. You attach them exactly where the trimmer hits the fence posts. The fence posts are protected for many years to come.

To quote Rocky, when he saw an ad for Fence Armor® Post Guards, he knew that they "can protect the existing fence and Danny's investment in the new one."

Fence Armor Post Guards

What Rocky did next

Rocky and his team installed the three miles of new vinyl fencing on the Indianapolis Car Exchange property.

They also got to work installing the Fence Armor® Post Guards on the existing mile-long line of fence. The team measured the posts and ordered the correct size units for the work. Installing the Post Guards at the right height to catch the trimmer wire was very important. They found that each Fence Armor® Post Guard took less than two minutes to install.

With the old fence under complete fence post protection, Rocky moved on to the new one. There is little extra labor time with Post Guard, and Rocky sees installing it as a necessary service for the fence owner.

Rocky was asked if he thought Fence Armor® Post Guard was the best defense for fence posts?

"Absolutely. It is the best," was his quick reply.

You can see the full video for more information here.

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