FA Project - HOA Installation | Fence Armor

Hey guys glad to be here again! If you caught me live last week I was here at this condo association - 136 posts. Years ago they saw the damage on their vinyl fence, they were probably one of the first in the area to get any vinyl fences and as you can see it's kind of a darker color, like a Clay. So they came up with a homemade solution of aluminum flashing which really got beat up and you can see some pictures of that. They found us and called us right away and said "hey I really like your Fence Armor, do you have anything in clay?" and as you can see in some of the shots you'll see that the Clay edition looks great. We got custom screws painted on the heads in Clay as well, so that's an option that is definitely doable it's a little more expensive but if you want the screws looking exactly like your Fence Armor there isn't really anything we can't we can't match, so they decided to do that. We also are using the Pro-Series here. The Pro-Series is six inches high as opposed to the regular three-inch. Their landscapers tend to be a little more aggressive so they wanted to have that little extra protection on the posts. It's getting a little hot so I wanted to get on the camera before I started sweating. All right, we'll be checking in with you again soon. Ciao! All right, as Stephy would call you peeps apparently. Yeah job is done believe it or not. It's taking a little while, great community, great people to work with. They're really happy with their Fence Armor we put in. Even Steph was helpful. Have to say, it was nice for her to feel part of the outside crew and I think she has a little more sympathy for all of you guys, out there all day. Me, I think I swallowed a couple of bugs and they went to the back of my throat. But I think that has happened to most of you. Anyway, yeah we're gonna sign off, we're gonna get some Portuguese chicken and enjoy our evening and jump in the pool. I think we're really hot here today. So signing off from Fence Armor. Somewhere here or here as Stephanie would tell me, subscribe and like, please we really appreciate your support. Good Job! Fence Armor is the best defence for your fence.