Fence Armor® Post Guards Prevent Grass Trimmer Damage

How do you prevent grass trimmer damage? It’s an important question because grass trimmer damage only means a short life for your fence posts. Once the trimmer cord damages a post, it can be very difficult to stop it from getting worse. All those nicks, chips, and snicks will leave the fence posts open to the moisture damage that causes fence post rot.

At Fence Armor® we put a lot of time, effort, and money into coming up with a product to prevent grass trimmer damage. Our team of experts designed a product that not only prevents grass trimmer damage but looks great too. Our Fence Armor® Posts Guards are easy to assemble, last for years, and, what’s more, do their job. Nothing wrong with a product that does all that and more.

Included on the list of how Post Guards prevent grass trimmer damage is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Post Guards prevent grass trimmer damage

Fence Armor® Post Guards are designed for fence post protection. You know the problem when the mower cannot get around the fence posts to cut the last of the grass, and the area looks neglected. Out comes the trimmer to clear the grass, but it shreds the fence post in the process.

Our Post Guards fit around the base of every fence post. Made from the best of North American steel, these post guards will not crack, buckle, or split under pressure. The Fence Armor® Post Guards are powder-coated so as not to rust or blemish under the toughest weather conditions.

They are easy to fit onto the fence posts

Many products claiming to offer fence post protection can be difficult to assemble. A piece of work you want to do in the morning may take the whole weekend. Our team wanted the Fence Armor® Post Guards to do their job and fit easily on fence posts.

Fence Armor® Post Guards come in two pieces of galvanized steel. They also come in various sizes for every post width, including round posts, and we have a selection of differing heights. All you need to do is attach the interlocking Post Guards to either side of the fence post and screw them into place.

 Round post install

Fence post protection for many years

Once you have the Fence Armor® Post Guards in place, you need not worry about how to prevent grass trimmer damage again. The solid, galvanized steel post protectors need little maintenance and will keep the fence safe for years. You can remove them and take them with you if you move home.

When doing essential fence post maintenance like staining and sealing the wood posts, you can easily remove the Post Guards. They will not crack or rust, so you need not worry about taking them off the posts, although it is recommended for better application of the stain and seal. After the fence post dries, you can reattach the post guards with the original screws.

Post Guards work on mailbox posts and vinyl fences too

You will also need to prevent grass trimmer damage to the mailbox post. All that trimming will nick and cut the post and leave it open to the weather. Vinyl fences are popular, and the manufacturing standards are very high. Unfortunately, vinyl fence posts aren’t safe from the grass trimmer.

Do not worry as Fence Armor® Post Guards will prevent grass trimmer damage to mailbox posts and vinyl fences. They fit the posts like the wood fence posts and do the same great work of fence post protection. The deck posts need protecting, so don’t forget to add the guards at the same time.

Mailbox Protection

Prevents damage from other sources

Curb appeal is very important to every homeowner. Your fence, deck, and mailbox will add extra curb appeal when you maintain and protect them. Our Post Guards will prevent grass trimmer damage, and the damage caused by pets, wildlife, and rodents.

Your favorite cat will sharpen its paws on the base of the fence post. Fido will gnaw at a fence post when he is a puppy but do lasting damage. Rodents and wildlife can chew and kick at a fence post, nicking and cracking it. Fence Armor Posts Guard will protect fence posts from all sources of attack.

 Fence Armor Post Protection

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At Fence Armor® we know how to prevent grass trimmer damage. Over many years we designed our Post Guards to offer the best of fence post protection. Our experts can help you with your next project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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