Fence Armor® Post Guards are Stackable. Who Knew? 

Fence Armor® Post Guards are guaranteed fence post protection. We have been saying it for years, but it is still true. Fence Armor® Post Guards protect your fence posts from trimmer damage, rodents, and animal nibbling. It is such a good product that the only better fence post protection is two Post Guards. Yes, Fence Armor® Post Guards are stack-able to double your fence post protection and add longer life to each post.

Why would you want to stack your Post Guards is the next question? There are many answers to the question, and some of them are obvious, while others are not so clear. Our team of experts here at Fence Armor® design our products with one goal, to protect fence posts - how they do it can be up to you.

Included on our list of how and why Fence Armor® Post Guards are stack-able is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

How do Post Guards work?

Like all great innovations, Fence Armor® Posts Guards are a very easy to use product. Each one comes in a set of two overlapping pieces. You slide one section over one side of the fence post and then slide the other piece over the opposite side. The supplied screws fix the post guard to the post.

Fence Armor® Post Guards are made of North American galvanized steel and will protect your fence posts in any weather conditions. They will not rot, rust, crack or buckle under pressure. When cutting the grass, the trimmer cord will hit cold steel, not the exposed wood of the fence post.

Making Fence Armor® Post Guards stack-able is easy

Once you attach one Fence Armor® Post Guard, it is simple to attach another. Slide the first Post Guard into place and secure it to the fence post. Taking your second one, place it exactly above the first Post Guard and repeat the installation instructions. Do not leave a gap between two guards.

A great plus with the Fence Armor® Post Guards is that they come in different height sizes. You can stack a tall one over a smaller one if necessary or vice versa. The extra height you get on the posts can help with animals kicking a post, careless maintenance crew, or when you have a split vinyl post.

Fence Armor Post Guards Stack-able


Increasing the life of a damaged vinyl fence post

Vinyl fence posts are very durable and can withstand a lot of pressure. Modern vinyl fences are designed for all weather conditions, and colors do not fade under a hot sun. What can happen, though, if you do not protect the post from day one, is they will split if kicked or hit with a trimmer.

The answer is simple. A standard length of 2 by 4 wood, cut to the size of the post, will slide easily into the hollow vinyl post. The wood will give the split or cracked post strength and stability. With the wood inside, you will have a structure to fit the Post Guards to and add years to the post’s life.

Before / After Fence Armor Post Guards


Using other Fence Armor® protection products

At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection. Our team is always working on new ideas and on improving our existing product range. We also listen to other suppliers in the fence business and, of course, to our wonderful customers. Only by innovating do we improve and grow as a business.

Our Postsaver® Sleeves protect your fence posts at the crucial ground-line level. They work perfectly with our Post Guards and add even more protection to a wood fence. Fence caps not only look great, but they also protect the wood grain at the top of a post from UV ray damage and foul weather.

Fence Post Protection

Maintenance is the key to looking after a fence post

By adding Fence Armor® Post Guards and our other excellent products, you give your fence posts a great start in life. It does not stop there, though, and any experienced fence owner will tell you the importance of maintenance. Maintenance is key to the long life of a fence and starts on day one.

Installing fence post protection products should happen as soon as the fence goes into the soil. It is always a good idea to stain and seal a wood fence and maybe do so every couple of years. Fence inspections are essential and should be done every few months. Repair any damage immediately.

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At Fence Armor® we know how to protect your investment of installing a fence. Fence Armor® Post Guards are simple to install and last for many, many years. Ask our experts for advice on your fencing project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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