Fence Armor® is Proud to Work with Operation Second Chance

Operation Second Chance is a wonderful organization. They help our brave warriors, wounded in defense of our country, to have a better life. Donations to the organization help fund scholarships, mentoring programs, and the running of retreat centers.

At Fence Armor® we are proud to be involved with Operation Second Chance. When we see an opportunity to help our wounded veterans, we quickly jump to offer our services. One recent project was perfect for us, and we'd like to tell you a little more about it.  Our involvement was small, but we think it plays an essential part in the overall construction project.

Let's take a closer look at what went on behind the scenes.

What is Operation Second Chance?

Operation Second Chance developed out of a volunteer service, which Cindy McGrew started in 2004. When following the tour of duty by one of her friends in Iraq, she saw the need for helping the families of wounded veterans. Living near Walter Reed Army Medical Center, she reached out to the families and offered to help in any way she could.

Along with other volunteers, Cindy began daily visits to wounded veterans at Walter Reed. She could also report back to their families and keep them informed of what was happening at the hospital. The volunteers began delivering food from local restaurants and helping with the visits of family members.

From this small beginning began Operation Second Chance, which aims to make the brave military members' recovery a bit more manageable. Today it is a thriving organization with the same caring ethos as when started by Cindy and her friends.



Operation Second Chance

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The Project for Operation Second Chance

A kind donor to Operation Second Chance left money in her will for them to buy a fine property on the Maryland / Pennsylvania border. Heroes Ridge at Raven Rock is a magnificent property with acres of woodland, grass, and blue sky for our veterans to enjoy.

The project is to turn the property into a retreat area for the veterans and their families to enjoy. Being out in the open air with 360-degree views will give them a great place to heal.

There is an outdoor pool for those who want to swim as part of their recovery. As in all states, the law says you need a fence around the pool.

This is where Fence Armor® and our partners come into the line.

Fence Armor® Supply the Post Guards for Protection

The first service project of 2021 to supply and install the pool fence was run by the North American Fence Contractors Association, NAFCA. Our NAFCA colleagues, Alumi-Guard, provided the material, and we supplied our post guards to protect the fence from attack at the ground level.

Fence Armor® post guards are made of American galvanized steel. The two parts fit tightly around the base of your fence posts, mailbox posts, or deck supports. They are easy to assemble and apply, but the protection is 100%. The two-part design allows them to fit any post size and to expand or contract through the seasons.

The post guards protect the fence posts from grass trimmer lines, from where a lot of damage occurs.

Al installing Fence Armor

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How you can help Operation Second Chance

As a non-profit, Operation Second Chance is always looking for the right help.

If your business or organization has the capacity, why not see how you can assist? It may surprise you how the smallest extra can help improve a veteran's life. They have log cabins at the Heroes Ridge at the Raven Rock retreat, the swimming pool, activity centers, and outdoor facilities. Plenty of opportunities there to help.

Operation Second Chance needs funding, volunteers and fundraisers. You can donate at:  https://operationsecondchance.org/donate/ or volunteer at: https://operationsecondchance.org/volunteer/. If you would like to take part in a fundraiser, then take a look here: https://operationsecondchance.org/fundraising/.

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At Fence Armor® we are proud to help Operation Second Chance. We know our Post Guards will keep their pool fence safe. By volunteering our services, we can all help in the recovery of our wounded veterans. Call us today for all your fence protection needs. 

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