Fence Armor - Install Test and Review

The company Fence Armor contacted me and asked if I would do a test and review of their fence post protection product so you might be asking what is Fence Armor? And it's a metal plate that is powder coated to look like the material that you're putting on or putting this on and so I've got this brown color that's supposed to match somewhat to this post here and then I also asked for samples of their black because my garden fence is going to be black they're going to use black caps on it it would be nice to have matching materials so we'll get to this in a later video so just a little bit about this company of course it's called fence Armor, it's a Canadian company and they advertise using American metal which is kind of a nice thing to hear that it's not made overseas. They have various colors so let's say you want to use this product on a vinyl like a white vinyl fence they have the product for that or let's say the colors here are just plain Galvanized Steel, White, Black, Redwood, Clay, Almond, USA Flag, Brown and Green and you can do custom colors but I am sure they're gonna cost a bit more. They also have round posts and metal post protectors so I've got two posts set up here and that's going to be the place that I'm going to be testing this product out so I'm going to show you how to install and then we'll get our tests underway. Now when you order this product you can buy enough for one side or if you get two plates it will cover two sides so simply place this towards the bottom edge of the post here now because the corners are rounded it'll be kind of snug but it's okay. Now the screws that they have are stainless steel so they're going to withstand weather but you'll note that the head of the screw is square which means you have to have the driver that is also square, so just a note you may have to pick one of those up so it's got options for screwing here in the front and the sides and in the back now on one side of the plate the hole is open so if your post is cracked or warped or bent you can actually arrange this a little different and get a better fit than if the holes were just solid so I'm going to take this and just screw it in here snug it up nice okay and that's all it is that's all it takes to get this installed but to test out the product I've got my weed trimmer here it's got three different sets of line here and of course I've got my eye protection and ear protection so the test I'm going to perform is I'm going to hit both the protected and non protected post here and compare the difference to see just how much damage is done to each. So let's give it a try time to take a look at the results here so I see no visible change on the protection here and then coming over to the other side there is obvious corner rounding and destruction there of that post I would call that a successful test I don't see any damage to the Fence Armor and the post without the Fence Armor obvious damage so test one successful the next test I like to perform is about 30 seconds of straight attacking that Fence Armor and then swap over and attack that uncovered post and we'll compare the difference between the two. So that should give us a good example of what it's going to be like over time for using a trimmer over and over again so let's try it out a couple things to note from this test first of all just a slight bit of powder on this plate but when wiped off no obvious signs of damage so I would have to say that concludes these things are built to last so coming over here to the unprotected post I noticed that significant damage has occurred and also those sharp corners have pulled off all the line of the weed whacker so definitely nice to have these rounded edges here on the Fence Armor. I have to admit I'm impressed with Fence Armor, these tests were pretty simple but I think it shows that the product is very strong and certainly does protect the posts because even though I ran this for 30 seconds on each you know over the course of a couple years you would certainly see a lot of damage to a fence post. If you like what you see check out their website I'll leave a link to it in the description be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe. I'm Seth Johnson with Land to House and I will see you in the next video.