Fence Armor Fence Post Guards Review Video

Mark Donovan from HomeAdditionPlus.com. I wanted to show you a new product that I'm installing on my fence post today they were going to protect them from being damaged by weed whackers and lawn mowers so what I'm going to install today are fence guards on my 3.5x3.5 inch wood fence posts to protect them from my weed whacker or lawn mower scuffing up and damaging the posts basically that continues you're going to shorten the life of the fence post as well as your fence so that's why I want to install these particular fence guards this particular model is just stainless steel nope no paint coat cover however they do offer about six or seven different colors of powder coated paint anywhere from green, brown, white etc they also come in dimensions that will support three and a half by three and a half posts up to seven a half by seven and a half-inch posts. They also have fence guards that are for circular posts and they support both wood vinyl and even metal fence posts. There are a number of advantages of these particular fence post guards first of all they have a number of screw points on them or fasteners we've got pre-drilled holes for them second of all as I said they're galvanized steel they also have rounded edges so you don't worry about injuring yourself by brushing up against the fence post also that helps the the protect the filament on the weed whacker from incoming ripped off or damaged you can fasten the fence guards to the fence post either using galvanized nails or deck screws in the case I'm using deck screws and I'm securing it on all four points the sides as well as the front screw, screw holes and that's all really is to do it to protect your fence post from getting damaged by weed whackers or lawn mowers so if you want to protect your fence posts from being damaged from weed whackers and lawn mowers I highly suggest taking a look at FenceArmor.com and checking out their fence post guards again they come in a variety of shapes and sizes they're they're very durable, they’re galvanized steel, they cost around $5 per pair for three and a half inch by three and a half inch post you can find them on Amazon.com as well as buy them at FenceArmor.com itself, if you have other home improvement questions make sure to visit HomeAdditonPlus.com today.