Fence Armor® Signature Series for Superior Fence Post Protection

When looking for fence post protection, you only want the best for your property. What could be better than finding it all at the one place? A one-stop-shop for superior fence post protection can only be good news for you and your wallet. There will not be any need to spend time searching and wondering. Fence Armor® and Postsaver’s Signature Series’ Above & Below Protection has all you need for superior fence post protection and at the best prices. You will even save on delivery costs when you buy in bulk.

At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection. Over time, our team of experienced experts has designed a range of superior fence post protection products for the professional and the homeowner. We know that our products will protect your fence and do so for many years. You can sleep easy at night knowing the fence will still look as good in the morning.

Included on the list of Fence Armor® fence post protection products is:

Let's take a closer look at each point.

Fence Post Guards protect against trimmer damage

Trimmer damage can be fatal for any wood or vinyl fence post. You are probably aware of how the problem develops. The mower cannot get in close to cut the grass around each fence post. A maintenance crew will get out the trimmer to cut back the grass but will slice the fence post too.

When you attach our fence Post Guards, you will eliminate the problem of trimmer damage. The trimmer cord will hit the Post Guards' cold steel, not the wood or vinyl post. Fence Armor® Post Guards also protect against pets and wildlife nibbling or kicking the foot of posts.

Postsaver® Sleeves protect a fence post at the ground-line level 

The crucial ground-line level is where a lot of fence post damage can occur. Beneath the soil the conditions are perfect for fence post rot to take hold and eat away at the wood. Of course, you cannot see what is happening and not realize the problem until it is too late for the posts.

Postsaver® Sleeves protect the fence posts at the ground-line level. The heat-sealed thermoplastic sleeves attach fully to the wood posts. Moisture can not get at the posts, and they will stay safe and dry. Termites cannot get into the wood where they love to feed and lay their eggs.

Postsaver Sleeves

Do not forget the Fence Post Caps

The top of the fence post is often neglected, but it needs fence post protection just as much as the rest of the post. Much damage can happen to the fence post where it is most exposed to rain, ice, and the sun's UV rays. Fence post caps stop the rot on top and work well with our other products.

Fence Armor® Cap Claw™ Fence Post Caps are very easy to attach to each fence post. They will stay securely in place, and you can remove them when staining and sealing. You can also add from one of our range of decorative accent finials to put the finishing touch to any fence. The finials are easy to fit too.

Superior fence post protection products designed to last

Our team of design experts works hard to bring our customers superior fence post protection products. Top of our list of priorities is that the fence post protection products last the tests of time. We do not want our products to deteriorate but to give protection for at least 20 years.

Our Post Guards are made of North American steel and will not rust or buckle under any weather conditions. The same is true of our Post Caps and Accent Finials. All steel products are powder coated for all-weather protection. Our superior fence post protection products will not let you or your fence down.

 Post Protection Line-Up

Get the sizing right for your posts

You need to get the sizing right for your posts before ordering fence protection products. There is nothing worse for you than starting a Saturday morning DIY project only to realize you have the wrong size for the fence. It could take you another week to return and receive the correct ones.

With this in mind, we put together a very handy page of instructional videos for you to judge fence post sizes. Each video goes through the correct product for your fence posts and how to get the right size for each one. We also have installation videos for you to learn how to fit our products to posts.


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At Fence Armor® we design superior fence post protection products. With us you will find the best protection for your posts all in one place. Ask our experts for advice. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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