EZ Hole Template Routing Kit In Action! | Fence Armor

All right so what we have to do is turn an end post here into a corner. So we've got an end with holes on one side and no holes on the other three sides. One of the fastest ways to do that with the Easy Hole Template Kit, just take a line post and lay it on top of the side you want to wrap. So if I lay it on top we're going to use as a template, flush it up on the top, flush it up on the sides. So make sure this is flush and this is flush here where you sit on inside the hole and trace the hole inside and really, all we're really worried about is the top and bottom because the template itself will center itself, the Easy Hole Template Kit. This is a two by three and a half hole so we use a two by three and a half insert, those inserts go in and out so we put different size inserts. This insert will be bigger than the hole so if you hold it up there and look at it a lot of times it'll throw people off because they'll see that the insert is bigger than a hole. It's supposed to be bigger than the hole, because it's for the router bit collar, so the cutting edge of the router bit is that same distance in. So this is oversized, so that the collar rides on this and it cuts a hole smaller than that size, that way the router bit won't damage the template insert. That's why it's done that way. Turn these brackets vertical and it gives you a five inch opening which means it'll fit snugly on a five inch post centered on there that's already centered. If we have four inch posts we turn these horizontal and this will fit four inch posts and center itself. So this is all we're really worried about is this mark and this one and the same thing in the top and bottom of that one. So put this on top and center it so we're the same distance here as we do here in the bottom, top and the bottom. All we're gonna do is center that, put our clamp on, you can pre-drill this if you want to with a drill bit to put this in or you can plunge around this end of the hole. Just like that end up with a nice clean factory hole. Okay, so again make it look centered, all right. Now because this pole is a transition going on a very steep grade, we're going to make the hole longer, so we figure out which side that is this is going to go down the driveway. This thing goes up the hill so we need to make this hole longer by a half inch because that hill is almost a 40 degree angle, so what I did was set that back down there like that, just like that. Now we need to put that in the hole.