EZ Hole Template Kit | Mr Fence Tools | Fence Armor

Here we are using the EZ Hole Template Kit from Mr. Fence Tools. I just marked on the post all five hole locations, just marking the top of each hole. These will line up with the holes on the posts. Behind me, creating a horizontal semi-privacy fence we're going to route this into the existing corner post using a battery-powered router, a clamp to hold the template in place in a clockwise motion you can plunge cut the route drop the router into the post and then follow the template. This special router bit I'm using has a 3/16 offset collar that keeps the cutting edge of the router bit away from the template. This is going to prevent damage to the template for future use, this also means that the mark on the post that I want the top of my hole to be, needs to be 3/16 of an inch away from the template kit. So the template kit should be 3/16 of an inch above your mark, this is pretty quick to do. I was able to write all five of these holes in about three minutes and continue doing this running project. This is a lot easier and more accurate than using a jigsaw or an oscillating tool or a suckler saw, a roto zip, so this speeds up the process and leaves you with a clean factory professionally cut hole. I would advise you just to practice a few before you go out and do this in the field as the router itself sometimes wants to jump when you drop it in plunge cutter, another way to prevent that is to pre-drill a hole then drop your little bit in and go into clockwise motion. You'll notice here on one hole I have the clamp slightly in the way so be careful to clamp at the very bottom of the main frame and you won't have to adjust it like I just did there. I can move the clamp out of the way of the ladder itself. Definitely a great tool to have in your truck you never know when you got to fill the route in this case we had a bunch of field writing to do and this made quick work of it so you can find us at Mr. Fence Tools and we can get you inserts to fit just about any profile you use.