Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Ornamental Fence

Many people prefer ornamental fencing to standard wood fencing or vinyl privacy fences. Some people like metal fencing as it offers security, and homeowners feel safe behind the solid structure. Others like ornamental fencing for its beauty, while plenty of gardeners want the neighbors to see their work. Whatever the reason, one factor should be a priority, and that is protecting an ornamental fence.

At Fence Armor®, we get lots of queries on fence protection. How do we save the fence posts? What stops the posts from rotting when in the ground? Can we prevent grass strimmer damage? The quick answer to all these questions is yes. The even better news is that we have answers on protecting an ornamental fence too.

Included on our list of what you need to know about protecting an ornamental fence is:

  • Ornamental fence protection with a full strimmer guard
  • Protecting an ornamental fence with a demi guard
  • Maintenance is a crucial element in fence protection
  • Choosing the correct ornamental fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Ornamental fence protection with a full strimmer guard

People love an ornamental fence for the low maintenance involved in caring for it. It does not rot, unlike a wood fence, and fungi or mildew do not grow on the metal. Outside of regular cleaning and maybe some rust proofing, it has little fence protection needs.

Protecting an ornamental fence from strimmer damage is often overlooked. You or the maintenance crew will want to cut back and remove the grass around the base of the fence posts. The grass looks untidy, and often unwanted plants start to grow up the ornamental fence posts. An obvious solution is to get out the grass strimmer and get chopping. The strimmer cord will cut the grass but also chip away at the powder coating of the ornamental fence post—bad news. Rust will soon take hold and eat away at the posts.

A Fence Armor® ornamental fence protection strimmer guard will stop the damage. These American-made, from North America galvanized steel post guards stop the strimmer from getting at the fence posts. You can clear the grass and weeds while leaving the posts untouched.

Ornamental Fence Guard

Protecting an ornamental fence with a demi guard

Maybe you have the problem of the grass strimmer but also have a low rail bar on the ornamental fence? The Fence Armor® full protection strimmer guard is too big for your fence, but you still want protection? No need to worry as the experts at Fence Armor® have your back and came up with the perfect solution for fence protection.

Come on down the Fence Armor® ornamental fence demi guard. The fence post protection guard protects the ornamental fence, with a low rail bar, from strimmer and mower damage. Made to the same high standards as the full post protection guard, the Fence Armor® demi guard will not let you down.

It is straightforward to attach the demi guard to the ornamental fence posts. The instructions can guide you through the assembly process, and we have an easy-to-follow video to help you too.

Maintenance is a crucial element

When you have your ornamental fence in place, you must then attach the fence post protection guards. The fence will look great and be a brilliant addition to your property, not to mind the extra curb value.

You cannot then walk away and leave the ornamental fence to look after itself.

Maintenance is vital for protecting an ornamental fence. Each year draw up a maintenance schedule and stick to it. Among the chores to do is to give it a good wash at least once a year to get all the dust, dirt, and leaves off the fence. You should also give the fence a regular inspection to check for rust spots or any other signs of damage. After a storm or heavy winter winds, you should look for signs of damage to the fence and the fence posts.

Repair any damage, rust spots, or scrapes as soon as you find them for full ornamental fence protection.

Choosing the correct ornamental fence

You can make a big decision on day one, which will affect the ornamental fence for life. Choosing the quality of the product is vital.

A cheap alternative may appeal, but you will be buying trouble. Untreated or not correctly protected metal will begin to rust after just a year or two in the American outdoors. Cheap metal can buckle or snap in a strong wind, which can be very dangerous.

Always buy quality, American-made ornamental fence as it looks great and lasts a lifetime.

Ornamental fence

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At Fence Armor® we know about protecting an ornamental fence. When protecting an ornamental fence, you are also protecting your investment in it. Ask our experts for advice on fence protection. Call us today for all your ornamental fence protection needs.

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