Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas to Complement Your Fence Line

Good landscaping always improves your backyard or garden. It should also complement your fence line. You can ensure your landscaping complements the fence line from day one when starting from scratch. On the other hand, existing homeowners may need to do some work to get the landscaping to complement the fence line. Some DIY landscaping ideas may make a big difference.

At Fence Armor®, we deal with people improving, upgrading, and protecting their fences. Landscaping can play a big part in improving the home and adding curb value. When you have a DIY landscaping idea to complement the fence line, you should always follow through on it. Our team of experts had a look around and came up with plenty of DIY landscaping ideas to complement the fence line.

Included on the list of DIY landscaping ideas to complement the fence line is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

A raised bed is an easy option

Often a garden or back yard is just one lawn length, running from the house to the fence. You spend your time mowing and trimming the lawn and keeping the fence looking fresh. It can get boring, and the garden will become an uninteresting place to sit and enjoy yourself.

Why not try a raised bed along the fence line? It breaks up the look and improves the garden. A raised bed is very easy to build; all you need is a few lengths of lumber, screws, and a power drill. When you have the raised bed in place, you can grow flowers, shrubs, and produce for the kitchen.

Raised beds

Match the garden installations to the fence

You need to have a few places to sit and relax in the garden. A few installations will make a big difference and make the garden a welcoming place to relax. You can build a deck, an area around the pool, or even just a few benches for sitting on during the summer.

It is easy to get the garden installations to complement the fence line. An obvious one is to paint the fence and the structures the same or similar colors. If the fence is of wood paneling, use the same wood and stain on tabletops, deck floors, and any benches you build to match the fence.


Complement the fence line with planting

The garden is for planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. If landscaping the area always try to complement the fence line with planting. A row of trees running close to the fence line will draw the eye to it without hiding the fence from view.

Plenty of evergreen bushes can take away the blank look of a privacy fence and attract birds and wildlife. If you install flower beds close to the fence, the colors can match the fence while improving the garden landscape.

Fence lined with plants

DIY landscaping ideas for sloped gardens

While still a DIY landscaping idea, this one may take time and some machinery. If your garden is not on one level, installing a fence may be difficult. Often people try to install a wooden panel fence on a slope with disastrous consequences.

You can complement the fence line with a few DIY landscaping ideas. Try reducing the slope area and bring the garden to one, manageable level. You could stagger a steep slope and install the fence one panel at a time up the side, like a series of steps.

Sloped Garden

Break up the look and feel of the garden area

Why not break up the garden a bit when trying to complement the fence line with some DIY landscaping ideas? A long lawn does nothing for the fence. Many people will plant rows of hedging or evergreen shrubs through the property to make it look less boring.

If you still have your digger, why not install a few small hills or a garden pond? The fence will look great in the distance and put some perspective to the view from the house. When you put your DIY landscaping ideas down on paper, always look at the fence line.

Garden pond

Install trellis-style fencing for great color

A fence on its own will not do much for the garden landscape. What you need is color and plenty of it along the fence line. When doing some other DIY landscaping ideas, why not install a few trellis panels on the fence too?

A DIY landscaping idea like installing trellis fencing is not difficult. When in place, grow vines and other creepers for plenty of summer color and a place for bees and other insects.

trellis-style fencing

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