Don't Just Protect Your Fence & Deck Wood, Restore It!

You need to protect fence and deck wood. If you do not care for wood exposed to the outdoors all year round, you are asking for trouble. Rot, fungi, and mildew will take hold, and your fence and deck will soon fall into disrepair.  We also say don't just protect fence and deck wood, restore it too and get the full effect of the work for family and neighbors to admire.

At Fence Armor® we know how important it is to protect fence and deck wood. Our experience tells us that clients who do not look after their wood products soon regret their carelessness. You should also look to restore fence and deck wood and bring back the beauty of the grain. When you see how great it looks after fence and deck wood protection is applied, you will appreciate why you should do it every year.

Included on our list of why you should restore and protect fence and deck wood is:

Let's take a closer look at each point.

Stain and seal for fence and deck wood protection

You should always buy fence and deck wood that is factory treated and is safe to use outdoors. Do not be tempted by a cheaper alternative, as the best wood for outdoor installations costs money. A cheap imitation will quickly rot after exposure to wind, rain, freezing temperature, and UV rays. Your rotting deck or fence may be a danger to the family.

At Fence Armor® we stock the Stain & Seal Experts product range. Each line is developed and tested with the idea of bringing you the best fence and deck wood protection. Every year, the time comes to do a stain and seal project on the fence and deck wood. The Stain & Seal Experts range is designed for the professional but goes on easily and can be used by anyone in their yard.

You will see the difference in the finished wood and know your fence and deck are protected for another year.

Restore fence and deck wood with the right product

At Fence Armor®, we also believe in restoring the wood as part of your maintenance plan. We stock an excellent range of wood restore products to help you get the wood back to looking its best.  Included in our range are:

Wood Stripper is excellent at removing all the grime, organic growth, and even old water-based coatings off the wood. The product is easy to use once you follow the instructions and will help you restore wood fences and decks.

Wood Cleaner will get to work on the not so deeply stained wood and is ideal for newer installations. The bleach will get the lighter dirt and product stamps off the wood and leave it clean and ready for the next product.

Wood Brightener is the final step in your plan to restore fence and deck wood. After cleaning the wood using either the stripper or cleaner, you will need to neutralize the surface once more. The wood brightener will help bring back the natural color of the wood and open the grain to accept more stain or seal product.

When you have the wood clean and neutral, you can work on staining and sealing the fence or deck wood. When you restore fence and deck wood, it brings back color and life to the garden and attracts people during the summer and fall months.

Stain samples

What can happen if you do not protect fence and deck wood

A lot can happen to your fence and deck wood if you do not protect it, even after only 12 months. After the first year outdoors, the wood will have seen a lot of action. The wind and rain will have battered the posts and rail throughout the year. Snow and ice do a lot of damage in the winter, and damp conditions can cause mildew.

Unprotected fence and deck wood will split, rot and become very dangerous in a short time. Always protect fence and deck wood and restore it to its original glory.

 Damaged fence

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