Does Your Mailbox Need a Personality?

Your mailbox is part of the home. It is what people see first when they visit, and the mailman thinks of you when delivering every morning. Having a personality might be a stretch, but you can definitely personalize the mailbox. Installing a mailbox post protector is an excellent place to start.

What could be better than letting everyone know where your loyalties lie? At Fence Armor®, we know about fence post protection, and that includes mailboxes too. We also see that people like to add a bit of personality to their front lawns and show some patriotism at the same time. Our products add protection and years of life to your posts. Why not personalize the mailbox at the same time?

We were very excited to announce the release of our 16" high patriotic edition mailbox post protectors at Petty Fest 2018. The reaction of visitors was huge, and we knew we had another fantastic product to offer our clients and families.

Let’s take a little look behind the scenes.

Why do you need Fence Armor® mailbox post protectors? 

Take a look at your fence posts or your mailbox post. At the bottom of the posts, the wood or vinyl is probably chipped, slashed, or looks like the dog has nibbled it. The chances are that the damage was caused by the grass trimmer or weed whacker.

When the maintenance crew cut your lawn, they can only go so far with the mower. Tufts of grass and weeds take hold around the foot of the posts. They get out the trimmer to finish the work around the bases. The trimmer cuts the grass, but it also nips away at the post.

The damage will get worse until the fence collapses. You need a Fence Armor® mailbox post protector to stop the damage.

What are Fence Armor® Post Guards?

The team at Fence Armor® designed our post guards to protect your fence and mailbox posts. They are made of American steel and are manufactured in North America to the highest standards.

Fence Armor® mailbox post protectors fit easily around the foot of the fence posts. Our unique system lets you attach them in a matter of minutes, and they will stay in place for many years. You need only remove the mailbox post protectors to paint or treat the posts.

The Post Guards protect the fence from the mower, trimmer, and weed whacker damage. They can also stop livestock and pets from eating or cribbing at the posts.

Fence Armor Post Guards

Give your mailbox a personality with a mailbox post protector

Our custom-made mailbox post protectors bring a bit of the Stars and Stripes to your front lawn. The artwork is powder-coated to protect the design from the effects of the weather and, of course, the maintenance crew. Now you can personalize the mailbox with style.

The beautiful product comes with two different options, our standard edition, and a customized edition. You can have your house number on both sides of the personalized version, with the house number covered too by the powder coating. Our mailbox post protector will last you for years, and all you will need to do is give it a clean from time to time.

Anyone who passes your home now will see this unique mailbox post protector on the front lawn. “That’s a patriotic mailbox with a bit of a personality,” they’ll say and wish they had one for their home.

Fence Armor Mailbox Protector

In what sizes do the mailbox post protectors come?

Fence Armor® offer their mailbox post protectors in sizes varying from 3.5" x 3.5" to 4" x 4" to 5" x 5" to 5.5" x 5.5", and 6" x 6". They are easy to attach to the mailbox and take off again if needed when doing maintenance.

We could not be more excited to be sharing this product with you. Our mailbox post protectors are not only the best defense for your fence but the best-looking ones too.

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At Fence Armor®, we know about protecting your fence and mailbox posts. Our mailbox post protectors will defend against all kinds of damage. With our customized, patriotic guards, you can personalize the mailbox. Call us today for all your fence and mailbox post protection needs.

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